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Mobile marketing has massive potential in Africa

M&C Saatchi Mobile has just released a whitepaper to present this concept in greater detail.

A white paper has just been presented by M&C Saatchi Mobile that detailed the tremendous promise that mobile marketing holds in Africa.

The report indicated that the smartphone channel is central to advertising in the continent.

The report showed that Africa is proving to be a very promising emerging region for mobile marketing, driven by affordable smartphones and strong economic growth. This report is only the first in a series that the company intends to release regarding various global regions and the part that smartphones play in the relevance of the advertising there. Many businesses and brands are now functioning under the impression that the best way to reach consumers in Africa is by way of this channel.

This whitepaper has also shown that mobile marketing will play a vital role in the continued development of the region.

Mobile marketing shows promise in AfricaIt illustrated the way the continent was able to leapfrog over the fixed line telecommunications stage that was traditionally used as a stepping stone upward toward the latest, which is the mobile marketing world of today. Africa has moved straight to the cellular services domain instead of stopping and waiting at telecommunications, first.

According to M&C Saatchi Mobile, the new primary means by way African consumers access the internet is over their smartphones. At the moment, there are 84 million internet enabled devices that are already owned and are being used. This makes the channel a very promising one for mobile marketing and reaching consumers very quickly and directly.

According to the company’s global CEO, James Hilton, “Contrary to popular thinking, Africa is not an under-developed region – it’s the second largest and fastest-growing mobile phone market in the world after China.” He went on to say in the statement that he gave about the mobile marketing report, that “The large numbers of African mobile consumers with web-connected smartphones using their device to surf the internet or download apps shows that the assumption that mobile services in Africa are only about SMS and low-end handsets is seriously out of date.”

Mobile marketing predictions look strong for Google’s future

Mobile Marketing GoogleIn terms of investor optimism, the search engine giant appears to have a massive advantage over Apple.

Google has earned its way into a very impressive position ahead of Apple in terms of optimism expressed by investors, as its mobile marketing and other strategies have brought its shares up above $831 and building, while Apples are hanging low at around 426.18.

Every passing day seems to be looking better for Google due to the strategies that are keeping its future bright.

Bloomberg compiled data has revealed that the shares at Google are currently trading at a price that is 25 times its current profit. This is considerably better than Apple, which has a current price to earnings ratio that is under 10. The primary difference between the successes of these two companies is being credited to the mobile marketing at the search engine king.

Lucrative prospects for mobile marketing are making a considerable positive impact on Google.

The mobile marketing there is looking so positive that investors are clearly willing to pay more for the company’s shares than every dollar of earnings that it brings in. This is far superior to the results being seen by Apple.

At the moment, Google is estimated to hold over 40 percent of the total online American online advertising marketplace. Forecasts are suggesting that it will only continue to grow its hold on the $37.3 billion that is being spent for this purpose by businesses every year, in order to better communicate with their audiences.

Google has also just entered into an important new partnership with Samsung Electronics Co., which has boosted its share in smartphone and tablet software. This has only built its competitive threat against Apple, as investors impatiently await the next release from that company, to see if it will be any more successful than the last two releases which have generated considerable consumer disappointment.

According to B Riley & Co. analyst, Sameet Sinha, “There’s only one company benefiting from all the growth areas of the Internet — be it video, mobile, local, social, display advertising.” Sinha added that “Apple has just done well in devices, nothing else.” With Google asserting itself in the mobile marketing sphere, this could prove dangerous to Apple unless its next release is spectacular.