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Mobile advertising budgets will rise by 38 percent in 2016

A new report by Outsell has shown that digital ad budgets will rise, while print ad spending will fall.

Outsell has now released a report that has shown that digital and mobile advertising budgets will be increasing in 2016 while at the same time the amount of budget dedicated to print ads will be on their way down.

The research looked into the spending preferences of marketers, finding that top priority went to companies’ own sites.

After websites, the next largest amount of the ad budget went to television and e-mail marketing. That said, the report pointed out that social marketing was a growing trend. Mobile advertising would be seeing a significant boost in the amount companies were dedicating specifically to that channel, as well. That said, on the flip side of the coin, non-digital methods of advertising, such as custom print, direct mail, print directories, and ads placed in newspapers and magazines are all continuing to droop due to a growing consumer dependence on digital techniques for placing brands and messages in front of consumers.

Mobile advertising comes with the significant advantage of placing ads in front of consumers at any time.

Mobile Marketing on the RiseThis is something that print simply cannot achieve. Social is particularly effective in that effort, especially over platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as companies seek to boost engagement with their target market through the new social brand building and lead generation tools that are now easily accessible to businesses of all size.

Outsell’s report predicted that mobile marketing advertising spending could increase by 38 percent by the close of the year. Social ad spending will also be increasing, but by 15 percent.

Mobile advertising will have risen to $23 billion in spending and is now considered to be the fifth largest form of digital marketing, immediately after social and search. Marketers appear to have made the discovery of its true value in 2015 and are now scrambling to use this channel to be able to reach consumers through a range of different ad formats. Fifty four percent of marketers have said they will be focusing their mobile ad spend on various types that reach consumers by way of apps.

Despite lack of tools mobile marketing budgets spike in 2014

Even though the solutions currently available aren’t meeting expectations, marketers and brands are still spending.

Recent studies and reports are showing that while brands and companies aren’t yet entirely impressed with the tools that mobile marketing vendors have to offer, they are still raising the size of their budgets for this channel.

The B2B budgets geared toward mobile advertising and promotions will rise 11 percent in the next 6 months.

Moreover, when it comes to the mobile marketing budgets for the next full year, it is expected that there will be an increase of 17.5 percent, according to a VentureBeat Insight Report. That said, while this represents an exceptionally healthy growth in terms of budget size and predicted spending, the reports are still showing that companies are not yet sold on the types of tools that they have available to them through vendors in this category.

This recent mobile marketing data shows that there are considerable problems holding this channel back.

Mobile Marketing Budgets up in 2014The solutions that companies are actually seeking simply are not yet available. Among the largest struggles that are holding B2B mobile advertising back have to do with a lack of integration and support in the overall marketing technology tools that they are already using on a regular basis. The report showed that nearly 40 percent of the respondents said that the primary problem had to do specifically with the marketing software tool makers.

The second most important problem was identified as being the lack of complete understanding of marketing professionals of the mobile sphere and how to best take advantage of what it has to offer. This is not a new discovery, as the channel has been evolving exceptionally rapidly despite the fact that it is still in a very young phase of its life.

Other struggles that are faced by those attempting to use mobile marketing include a lack of budget to dedicate to this channel. Surprisingly, there remained a group representing 15 percent of businesses that still don’t even believe that the channel is effective at all. This, despite the fact that the vast majority of brands are now either already using it or are planning to use it within the not too distant future.