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Warner Bros set sights on mobile games

Warner Brothers Mobile GamesMobile games attract the interest of Warner

Warner Bros, one of the largest entertainment studios in the world, currently holds a modest interest in the game industry. The company’s Warner Bros Interactive division is responsible for some of the most well-loved titles within the industry, including Batman: Arkham Asylum and the upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us. The game industry has been growing more appealing to Warner Bros in recent years, and the studio has decided that it will be venturing into the realm of mobile games.

New mobile games studio launched by Warner Bros

Warner Bros has announced that it will be setting up a new mobile games studio in San Francisco, California. The studio will focus on the development and publishing of free-to-play mobile games. Many of these games are expected to have some social features that will tie into popular networks like Facebook and Twitter. Warner Bros has taken note of the rising popularity of mobile games as well as their lucrative nature. The studio expects to see success in its latest venture, which may help the company establish a stronger presence in the game industry.

Mobile games becoming increasingly popular with gamers

The game industry is growing increasingly focused on the mobile space. While traditional console games are not losing a large degree of favor among consumers, more people are becoming inclined to play games from their smartphones or tablets rather than consoles. This is largely due to the convenient nature of mobile games. Many consumers favor mobile games because they can be played anywhere and at any time, unlike console games.

In-app purchases present strong monetization opportunities

Developers have shown strong interest in mobile games because of their ability to reach a massive audience. These games are also powerful platforms for in-app purchases and mobile advertisements, both of which hold strong monetization potential for developers. Consumers have shown that they are willing to participate in in-app purchases and marketing campaigns as long as they provide some benefit to the gaming experience.

Mobile games may be a good platform for video advertisements

Mobile Games Video AdsVideo ads in mobile games are on the rise

Video advertising in mobile games has been growing more prominent in recent years. Last year marked a major increase in the use of video ads in mobile games, according to AdColony, a leading video advertisement firm. The firm suggests that those playing mobile games watched more than 1 billion video through its platform since 2011. Video ads may be becoming an ideal way to engage consumers in mobile games, presenting a new dynamic to marketing to these consumers.

Video ads prove successful in 2012

Due to the interest consumers appear to have in video ads in their mobile games, AdColony reported a 565% increase in its revenues in 2012. Advertisers have been encouraged by the engagement they have seen through video ads in mobile games as well. AdColony claims that spending on video ads grew by 122% from 2011 to 2012. The company expects to continue seeing promising growth into the first quarter of 2013.

Videos tailored to consumer interests are most successful

AdColony notes that one of the reasons video ads have become so successful is because its platform delivers videos that consumers actually want to see. Much of the marketing that can be found in mobile games is relatively random. The AdColony platform provides consumers with advertisements that they are likely to find interesting, based on the mobile games that they play. Advertisements that align with a consumer’s interest are more likely to be successful, especially when it comes to the gaming community, which is either staunchly opposed to in-game advertisements or very supportive of these advertisements.

Mobile games becoming a powerful marketing tool

Marketers are beginning to move away from traditional forms of advertising, focusing more on the mobile space and putting more emphasis on interactivity. Consumers are responding well to interactive marketing because it is something new. Video advertisements, in particular, have been receiving a great deal of support from consumers who are showing that they are willing to participate in these advertisements more so than in traditional marketing campaigns.