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Mobile gaming tablet launched by Nvidia

A new Shield tablet and controller has been designed to enhance a mobile player’s gaming experience.

Nvidia is bringing to the mobile gaming industry, what it says is the most advanced mobile processor in the world, an 8 inch Shield gaming tablet and wireless Shield controller, two pieces of impressive hardware that are not likely to disappoint.

The premium 8 inch tablet is one of the first to be specifically designed for gamers.

Nvidia’s new tablet device can play Android games that have been downloaded from Google Play or the company’s Hub app. It also has the ability to stream games directly from a PC using WiFi or 4G. What this means is that gamers can experience graphics that are close to console quality, on a mobile device.

The Shield gaming tablet is equipped with an HD 1920×1080 pixel screen and is powered by Nvidia’s Tegra K1 192 core Kepler GPU. The tech and video game company claims that the tablet uses the highest advanced mobile processer that is available on a device. In addition, the tablet can utilize the graphics card of a PC if a player is streaming games. That being said, it is important to point out that not all PC’s powered by Nvidia are compatible with this particular feature of the device.

The tablet will come with WiFi or WiFi and LTE connectivity and consumers can choose from a 16GB or 32GB model, both of which will include up to 128GB microSD support. Furthermore, the device will come with the pre-installed game, Trine2: Complete Story.

The wireless mobile gaming controller works smoothly with the tablet.

Although there are other tablet game controllers that a player could purchase, the one Nvidia has released to accompany its Shield tablet works very well with it and is reasonably priced. The company claims that between the tablet and controller there is low latency WiFi connectivity. The delay between the devices is almost non existence and is compared to the Xbox and its controller.

In addition to the controller, the mobile gaming device also comes with a cover accessory, so it can be easily propped up to achieve the ideal playing angle. Currently, the 16GB WiFi-only model can be preordered with the controller.

Valve sets sights on mobile gaming

Valve mobile gamingValve begins to take mobile gaming more seriously

Mobile gaming has been picking up steam steadily for the past few years, and now large game companies are finally beginning to pay more attention to the burgeoning sector. Large development studios are beginning to see the promise that is held within the mobile gaming market and some are beginning to make a serious effort to enter into it. Valve is hard at work on a new console that called the Steam Box, but that does not mean that the company is ignoring the mobile space, as it does actually have some major plans for mobile gaming.

Littlefoot will be new mobile gaming device from Valve

Valve is currently developing a mobile gaming device that has been codenamed “Littlefoot.”The Steam Box is taking up a significant amount of Valve’s resources, but the company has plans to launch Littlefoot as soon as possible in an effort to take advantage of the massive hype surrounding mobile gaming. There is a chance that the two consoles will come out at the same time, as speculation suggests that Valve has been developing the products side-by-side. Before Steam Box had an official name, it was known as “Bigfoot.”

Littlefoot and Steam Box likely to have some sort of connection

Littlefoot may be a tablet device or something similar to a smart phone, but specific details are not yet available. It will be used for mobile gaming, however, and have some form of connectivity with the Steam Box. Littlefoot may actually be a sort of controller for the Steam Box that allows gamers to play games without actually having to physically connect to the console itself. It may also be used as a standalone product, similar to the way the Wii U and its Gamepad work.

Hype continues to grow for the Steam Box

Mobile gaming has managed to catch the attention of Valve, which is one of the most celebrated companies in the game industry currently. Among consumers, Valve rarely makes mistakes, thus the hype surrounding the Steam Box and its Littlefoot counterpart is only expected to increase in the months leading up to the release of both products.