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Mobile game controller could be future Nintendo project

The video game giant may soon make controllers for smartphone and tablet games.

Nintendo hinted that a mobile game controller could be in the works in the future. The company revealed at its recent 76th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders that it may be considering designing its own smart device controller. The Japanese multinational consumer electronics and software company is no stranger to developing physical game controllers. There is huge potential that the company could benefit from designing and selling these controllers. They are likely to appeal to both Nintendo fans and older gamers who’ve grown up interacting with video games via button-pushing.

Nintendo also hinted at placing its focus on developing games engineered around touch screen controls.

During the Q&A at the general meeting, Shinya Takahashi, Nintendo’s general manager of entertainment planning and development, told shareholders, “I believe Nintendo’s way of thinking is to look at whether action games are really not impossible (without a physical controller for smart device applications) to create and how we can make it happen to create such a game.”

Mobile Game Controller - Image of SNES ControllerTakahashi explained that Nintendo will focus on making the best “Nintendo-like” applications, including those that are for everyone from children to seniors. In other words, the company does not intend to pour all of its energy only into action games.

In regard to the hint about developing a mobile game controller for smart device applications, Takashi said that “it is possible that we may also develop something new by ourselves.”

Mobile game controller hints aside, Nintendo also appears to be seeking programmers for smartphone games.

Nintendo has reportedly listed job openings for programmers interested in working on the development of its mobile games. The fact that the company is seeking to hire programmers specifically for its mobile gaming endeavors reveals that it is clearly dedicated to improving its position in the mobile games market.

Nintendo’s first game for smartphones and tablets, called Miitomo, has received mixed reception. It was a huge success when it was first released but has since dramatically declined in popularity, losing many of its users. It will be interesting to see if the company has better success with its Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem titles that are due out for mobile platforms this fall.

Although a mobile game controller for Nintendo games remains only a discussion at this point, such a device could help boost the company’s success in the industry.

Mobile gaming controller turns smartphones into consoles

PhoneJoy makes it easier for mobile gamers to play games with greater complexity.

More and more complex games are popping up in the mobile gaming industry and, although players are starting to feel the limitations of touchscreen controls, they may be able to overcome their struggles using the Android and iOS compatible PhoneJoy Bluetooth game controller.

The expandable gamepad can be attached directly to the smartphone or used as a separate handheld controller.

The PhoneJoy controller features a start button, two analog sticks, four action buttons, a d-pad, four shoulder buttons and back buttons. When attached to a smartphone, it looks something like the Sony Playstation Vita and other similar portable gaming consoles.

The smartphone is placed between the two controller halves and the phone is secured in place with a sprung ratchet mechanism. The phone can be held in a vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) position. How the mobile device is positioned depends on the user’s preferences and on the type of game that is being played.

This mobile gaming controller does not need to be hooked up to a smartphone to work, however. It can also be used as a standalone handheld controller. Thus, it can also work with a tablet, giving mobile gamers greater flexibility and more than one control option when playing mobile games.

Currently, there are approximately 400 Android and iOS games that support the mobile gaming gadget.

The PhoneJoy gamepad uses the standard Bluetooth features that come with the average smartphone. Users can utilize the PhoneJoy app or the standard Bluetooth settings in their handset to pair the controller with the phone. The user interface and touchscreen can be used normally once paired, but once the game starts, the controller will send the appropriate inputs to any app that is well coded.

Once the PhoneJoy app is downloaded it will help users with their initial Bluetooth connection and will also give them a list of mobiles games that work with the gamepad. Furthermore, users can download the app prior to purchasing the actual device to determine if the controller would be ideal for their specific mobile gaming experience. The PhoneJoy is now available for purchase but was initially funded through Kickstarter.