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Report highlights consumer preference for mobile commerce

mobile commerce consumer retailMobile commerce becoming a major aspect of retail

Accenture, a leading market research firm, has released a new study concerning the preferences consumers have in the realm of online shopping. The Seamless Retail Study highlights these preferences, showing that many consumers favor their mobile devices to shop for and purchase products online. Mobile commerce is growing increasingly common, especially in the retail industry, due to the convenience it offers to consumers. Many consider using their smartphones and tablets to shop online is simple more efficient than other forms of shopping.

Survey shows consumers are likely to use mobile devices to shop

The study includes a survey, which notes that 88% of consumers claimed to have participated in “webrooming,” a practice similar to showrooming wherein consumers browse for products on the Internet before purchasing products in a physical store. The survey also shows that approximately 43% of consumers have plans to shop online more frequently in the future, with 23% of these consumers noting that they plan to use their mobile devices to shop.

Mobile commerce offers more convenience to shoppers

The study suggests that consumers are becoming increasingly interested in a seamless shopping experience, wherein they can find and purchase the products they are interested online and pick up those products as soon as possible. Mobile commerce is somewhat accommodating of this trend, as it enables consumers to make a purchase from their mobile device and, in some cases, retrieve their purchased products from a physical store. Amazon has recently begun offering such a service, which has been well received by consumers interested in mobile commerce.

Retailers may have to work harder to engage a changing consumer base

The study claims that retailers may need to combine their store, online, and mobile shopping channels in order to appeal to a changing consumer base. More people are getting their hands of high-end smartphones and tablets, making them more mobile-centric. As such, retailers that do not appeal to consumers on a mobile level could stand to lose significant ground with these people as mobile commerce becomes more prolific.

Mobile commerce most popular among iOS consumers

Mobile Commerce Consumers ChoiceReport highlights division in mobile commerce between iOS and Android

On the surface, mobile commerce encompasses any form of shopping, payment, or banking done on a mobile device. Below the surface, however, mobile commerce is divided into two categories: Those with iOS devices and those with Android devices. While both parties of consumers regularly participate in mobile commerce, those investing in the field are very interested in which party is more active in this realm. Arbitron, a leading media and market research firm, has released a new report highlight which group of consumers has greater representation in mobile commerce.

Mobile commerce activity highest among iOS consumers

According to the report, iOS consumers participate in mobile commerce more than Android consumers. The report notes that mobile shopping is the most popular form of mobile commerce among iOS consumers. Approximate 67.5% of iPhone users, for instance, shop from their mobile devices, whereas 43% of Android users shop from their mobile device. iOS consumers are not only spending more time in mobile commerce, of course, they are also spending more money.

iPhone users spending more time and money in mobile shopping

The report shows that iOS consumers are more likely to be affluent and have access to disposable incomes. The report suggests that the average household income of these consumers is $105,200, compared to the $89,300 average income of Android consumers. iPhone users are also typically younger than Android users and more likely to engage in marketing and impulse purchases. The majority of these users spend their time on eBay and Amazon when shopping, according to the report.

Report could push Apple to take mobile commerce more seriously

The information provided by Arbitron is important for those investing in the mobile commerce field. Firstly, the report offers some insight on what consumer demographic is participating the most in mobile commerce, allowing companies to better target their products. Secondly, the information highlights the growing demand for mobile commerce services coming from iOS consumers, which may encourage Apple to take mobile commerce more seriously in the near future.