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New survey shows that businesses are taking mobile commerce more seriously

Mobile commerce is gaining more support from businesses in the US

InformationWeek and Mobile Commerce World have released the results of a new survey concerning the growth of mobile commerce in the U.S. The advent of mobile technology has had a major impact on the way consumers live their lives. People are beginning to rely very heavily on their smartphones and tablets to handle many aspects of their lives, particularly commerce. Mobile commerce is quickly becoming a very prominent part of the lives of consumers and as it becomes more popular with these consumers, businesses are beginning to see mobile commerce grow more important to them as well.

71% of companies consider mobile commerce extremely important

According to the survey, 71% of companies in the U.S. believe that mobile commerce is extremely important to their future. These businesses consider the mobile space to hold very promising revenue opportunities, but tapping into these opportunities has proven somewhat difficult for several companies throughout the U.S. Part of the reason for this is due to the challenges that mobile commerce itself faces, especially in regards to mobile security.

Mobile Commerce ReportComprehensive mobile commerce services become more widely available

While challenges do exist, more comprehensive mobile commerce services are beginning to emerge throughout the country, some of which have shown their ability to overcome the challenges of security and efficiency. The survey shows that one-third of businesses have plans to adopt these comprehensive services in the near future in order to accommodate the changing needs of consumers. Nearly 40% of these companies are embracing mobile commerce specifically to connect more dynamically with a new generation of consumers that have proven heavily reliant on technology.

Mobile commerce accounts for 11% of all online sales in the US during 2012

Another report from eMarketer, a leading market research firm, provides some insight on why companies are beginning to embrace mobile commerce more readily than they have in the past. The eMarketer report shows that U.S. retail mobile commerce sales reached $25 billion in 2012, accounting for 11% of all online sales made throughout the country during that year.

Report highlights the state of mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce ReportMobile commerce is making strong progress

The mobile commerce market is strong and growing at a rapid pace, according to a new report from Mobile Commerce World and InfortmationWeek. The report, titled “Mobile Commerce: State of the Market,” highlights the trends that exist in this burgeoning industry that are contributing to the growth it is experiencing. Of these trends, the “bring your own device” (BYOD) phenomenon is very prominent. This trend accounts for consumers bringing their mobile devices to stores and other locations in order to participate in mobile commerce or shop for products online using their smartphones are tablets.

Companies promote mobile commerce applications internally

The report shows that approximately 41% of executives from large companies polled by InformationWeek have deployed mobile commerce applications internally, encouraging employments to make mobile payments for products they are interested in. Approximately 29% of companies have limited deployment of such applications. Companies are also promoting websites optimized for use on mobile devices over traditional websites that can be viewed from a PC or laptop.

Cloud-based payments may be adequate replacement for NFC solutions

The report also highlights the growing popularity of cloud-based mobile commerce. Mobile commerce applications that are connected to a cloud network are considered more accessible than applications and platforms that rely on NFC technology. While NFC has long been a staple for mobile commerce, its availability is somewhat low, making mobile commerce more exclusive and less available to a wide range of consumers. The report shows that NFC offers numerous benefits to the world of mobile commerce and cloud-based solutions may not serve as adequate replacements for the technology, only alternatives.

Mobile banking becoming more popular

Beyond payments, other forms of mobile commerce as also gaining traction, namely mobile banking. Consumers are becoming more apt to use their mobile devices to manage their bank accounts and finances. Research shows that approximately 46% of U.S. bank holders use their smartphones or tablets to access and manage their accounts.