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Mobile commerce growth in retail studied by Absolute Digital Media

Research in the United Kingdom has shown that smartphone shopping is considerably on the rise.

Absolute Digital Media’s online marketers have conducted an analysis of eMarketer data and have discovered that mobile commerce sales in the United Kingdom are expected to make up 26.5 percent of overall online sales by 2017.

The company published a report that has provided a great deal of digital sales insight.

The article that was published was entitled “Mcommerce Takes 15% of UK Retail Ecommerce Sales”. What it showed was that digital sales, such as online and mobile commerce, in the United Kingdom, are making up a larger proportion of total retail sales than is the case in the majority of countries worldwide. It is expected that smartphone and tablet based sales, alone, are expected to reach £6.61 billion.

The research went on to reveal a great deal more about mobile commerce and its impact on shopping overall.

Mobile Commerce on rise in UKFor example, it was predicted that the sales would make up 11.5 percent of total British retail sales by the end of the year. This, compared with the 10.2 percent, which was the figure last year. eMarketer had predicted that among digital shoppers, 58.3 percent will browse or research the products that they are considering this year.

Using this data, the Absolute Digital Media marketers, who work at length in the retail sector, have looked more deeply into what the figures mean in a practical sense. In their article, they wrote that “The UK has always had relatively high online shopping rates, but it’s interesting to see such a sharp growth specifically in mobile sales. It highlights the importance for those in the retail industry to ensure their websites are optimized for mobile, smartphone and tablet devices in order to take advantage of this.”

The data from the eMarketer study has made it clear that there is a great deal of importance in retail for mobile commerce. This means that companies that wish to succeed will need to focus on making sure that they use the right marketing strategies and that they provide the right optimized online experience for people who are looking into products by way of their smartphones and tablets.

Mobile commerce sparks decline in cash usage in the UK

UK consumers may be flocking to mobile commerce and abandoning cash

The British Retail Consortium has been keeping track of a surprising trend that has emerged in the United Kingdom. The organization has reported that cash usage among consumers saw a sharp drop in 2012. This trend has been growing more pronounced as consumers grow more reliant on mobile technology. Smartphones and tablets are allowing consumers to engage in mobile commerce, which has lead them to move away from traditional forms of commerce for the sake of convenience.

Consumers are turning to cards and mobile devices to purchase products

The British Retail Consortium has released the results of a new survey that shows the decline of cash usage among consumers. According to the survey, cash usage fell by nearly 10% throughout the United Kingdom in 2012. Many consumers appear to be using their debit and credit cards more often, with others favoring mobile commerce platforms. Notably, physical forms of currency are losing grounds with young, tech-savvy consumers that have a great deal of experience with mobile technology.

Mobile commerce growth UKRetail sector sees growth in mobile commerce activity

While consumers appear to be moving toward mobile commerce, payments made from smartphones and tablets still represent a small volume of the spending that occurs in many sectors. The retail sector has seen the most activity when it comes to mobile commerce, but spending from mobile devices is still offset by the use of cash and other forms of commerce. Consumers that are not interested in mobile spending are showing interest in another aspect of mobile commerce, however, as they begin to embrace the usefulness of banking applications.

Mobile payments unlikely to completely replace cash for the foreseeable future

Mobile commerce is expected to continue growing throughout the United Kingdom, especially as more businesses begin offering comprehensive mobile services. Mobile commerce may eventually replace the use of cash, but this is not expected to happen for several years. For now, consumers will continue to rely on cash and their debit and credit cards until the challenges that mobile commerce faces have been overcome.