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Mobile commerce company opens new office in London

Mobile Commerce LondonSkava opens new office in London to enter mobile commerce sector in Europe

Skava, a leading provider of mobile commerce and tablet commerce retail technology, has announced the opening of a new corporate office in London. The company has been seeing significant growth in the U.S. in recent years and has taken note of the growing demand of mobile commerce in Europe. Keen to provide European retailers with the tools they need to engage mobile consumers, Skava is working to establish a stronger presence in the United Kingdom. Through the UK, the company will eventually expand into other parts of the region.

Companies seeing more mobile traffic to their sites

Mobile traffic is one the rise throughout Europe. According to a recent analysis from Forrester Research, many companies are reporting that up to 20% of their site traffic is coming from mobile devices. These businesses are preparing to engage these consumers in a variety of ways, including new mobile commerce services that will allow them to make purchases directly from their smart phones and tablets. This is where Skava comes in, as the company boasts of one of the most comprehensive platforms to help facilitate mobile commerce.

E-commerce poised for major growth in Europe

According to analysis from Forrester Research, e-commerce revenues throughout Europe are expected to reach more than $20 billion in 2017. Much of this revenue will come from the retail industry, with a significant portion coming through mobile commerce. With the European market showing such promise, Skava is poised to introduce European retailers to its services a new way to engage consumers through the allure of mobile commerce.

Mobile commerce security concerns high among European consumers

Consumers throughout Europe have shown their eagerness to participate in mobile commerce, but many still have concerns over security. Most mobile commerce services require consumers to save their financial information to their smart phones or tablets, which are both popular targets for theft. Some have concerns that this information is too easy to steal and exploit, thus the demand for more comprehensive mobile security features for mobile commerce services is on the rise.

OLO receives significant backing from PayPal

OLO mobile payments PayPalOLO brings new mobile commerce service to restaurants

OLO, a relatively new mobile commerce engine designed for restaurants, has announced that it has received a sizeable investment from PayPal, one of the foremost advocates of mobile commerce. OLO has been experiencing rapid growth in recent months. The company, which has been receiving a great deal of attention from numerous investors, has been aggressively hiring and scaling up its operations to establish a firm presence in the mobile commerce market this year. The investment from PayPal is expected to help in this endeavor.

OLO service provides restaurants with consumer friendly services

The OLO service allows restaurants to accept payments and orders from consumers using a simple mobile application. These orders can be placed before a customer even arrives at the restaurant, removing the wait time that some popular restaurants are regularly associated with. Hundred of restaurants make use of the OLO engine and many of these establishments have reported receiving more than 50% of their digital orders through mobile devices.

PayPal may have a role to play in the future of OLO

OLO is designed to be flexible, accommodating the needs of a particular restaurant. To this end, the service allows restaurants to accept forms of payment they are most comfortable with. OLO itself is capable of facilitating payments from all major credit card providers, as well as stored-value cards and mobile wallet platforms. PayPal’s investment into the service is likely to ensure that the company has a place in OLO’s future operations.

PayPal continues looking for ambitious and innovative mobile commerce solutions

PayPal is one of the companies that has been heavily investing in mobile commerce, as well as one of the few looking for an alternative to NFC technology. NFC has become a very popular engine for mobile commerce, but PayPal has concerns regarding the safety and viability of the technology. As such, the company has been looking elsewhere to satisfy its interest in mobile commerce, and services like OLO are among those that have attracted the interest of PayPal in recent months.