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Australian mobile commerce trends are falling behind says PayPal

According to the results of a recent analysis, businesses in Australia aren’t keeping up with consumer device use.

PayPal Australia released a report that said Australian mobile commerce is lacking. It stated that businesses simply aren’t keeping up with the way consumers are using their smartphones. This includes many of the different ways in which consumers regularly use their devices.

Mobile device uses analyzed by PayPal for the report included everything from researching a brand to mobile payments.

PayPal released its Australian mobile commerce report as a part of its first ever mCommerce Index. This report will be issued biannually. It will look into the trends in smartphone based shopping and payments within the country.

Australian Mobile Commerce Falling BehindAmong the central report findings was that even though 71 percent of consumers in Australia are using their smartphones to make payments, only 49 percent of companies have mobile optimized.

According to the report, all businesses in the country could benefit from mobile commerce optimization.

Libby Roy, the managing director at PayPal Australia, explained that each business has its own mobile commerce level needs. However, Roy also underscored the fact that all businesses are able to benefit from it in one way or another. “What’s clear is that there are a lot of consumers that are very comfortable using mobile, and businesses need to get on board.”

Roy explained that everything from having an app to simply having a social media presence is important. It is up to businesses to understand the ways in which they can benefit their customers through mobile commerce. This simultaneously allows them to determine how they can grow their own success.

The report indicated that one in three Australians were making weekly mobile payments. One in ten Australians spend over $1,000 per month using smartphone based transactions. On average Australians are using their mobile devices to make $330 in purchases on a monthly basis. And yet, Australian mobile commerce offerings are not keeping up with that consumer shopping trend. What makes the mobile shopping trend a challenge to measure is that consumers use mobile and non-mobile business interactions in combinations with each other before completing a final transaction.

Mcommerce performance from W.W. Grainger is excelling

Mcommerce top performanceKeynote is using the company as an example of how some retailers are improving site performance.

The results of the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index for the week that ended on March 10 have been released, and W.W. Granger Inc. topped the list with an exceptional mcommerce performance in both its load time and its successful completions.

These are the two main factors that are taken into consideration by the index when it issues its scores.

During the most recent week of the index, the mcommerce site for W.W. Grainger loaded with an average speed of 4.30 seconds and was able to completely and successfully load 99.46 percent of the time. By combining those two factors, the website earned a score on the index of 938 out of a possible 1,000 points.

The next mcommerce website on the index didn’t load nearly as quickly at almost a full second slower.

HSN Inc., the TV retailer, earned the second place with its 5.23 second load time and its 99.56 percent success rate. Its score was quite close to that of Grainger, at 931. In third place was Barnes & Noble, which loaded within 5.47 seconds and had a 99.46 percent success rate. That company earned a score of 909.

The fourth place position was taken by Toolfetch.com LLC. Its load time was actually far better than that of Grainger, at 3.24 seconds, on average. However, its success rate was 99.02 percent, which brought its score to 895 and held it from achieving one of the top three positions. Target Corp snatched up the fifth spot this week, though its load time was considerably slower than those ahead of it, at 8.36 seconds. Its success rate, however, was better than the company that ranked first, at 99.67 percent. Its score was 871.

Grainger currently holds the 76th position in the Internet Retailer Mobile 400, with HSN at 14 and Barnes and Noble positioned at 31. Toolfetch is currently ranked at 248, while Target has the 34th position.

Over the entire mcommerce index, the average load time for that week was recorded to be 9.67 seconds, while the average success rate was 98.82 percent. The average score among all thirty of the businesses was 701.