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Mobile commerce flash sale at Maybelline sells out in 5 minutes

The success of the cosmetics company’s promotion helped to prove yet again that the channel is worthwhile.

Although figures continue to show that a mobile commerce flash sale, and that the channel as a whole, has great potential for success and that they are becoming more mainstream, there are still people who doubt that this effort is a worthwhile one.

The latest example to show that these doubts are unfounded has been presented by Maybelline New York.

As we recently reported, a mobile commerce flash sale was the next step for a massive launch of a partnership between the Line Japanese messenger service and Maybelline New York, which occurred in Thailand. The mobile marketing promotion involved bringing the newest product from the cosmetics company into Thailand with a bang. At the time, the actual identity of the product was kept a complete mystery.

The mobile commerce flash sale was held on December 16 and was far more successful than expected.

mobile commerce flash saleAlthough the design of the promotion was to have the campaign run from Monday, December 16 through Friday, December 20, what actually happened was a bit of a stumble that turned into a massively successful explosion. Undisclosed technical difficulties on Monday delayed the campaign so that it could not start on Monday. In fact, the issues stopped the product from becoming available until Thursday, December 19.

While it could be expected that shortening a campaign from five days down to two days would have a considerably negative impact on its success, as it turns out, they didn’t need any more than five minutes. The reason is that this was all it took to sell out of the Maybelline Lip Polish lipstick products that were being introduced within this smartphone based marketing effort. They went on sale at noon, and by 12:05 pm, there were none left to buy.

Of course, in this mobile commerce flash sale, there were only 500 items to buy. In other similarly designed campaigns from other companies, tens and hundreds of thousands of products have sold out in record amounts of time. This is very notable in the country, though, as it is only the second event of this nature to occur in Thailand.

Cosmetics mobile commerce furthers efforts with flash sale

The Line messaging app has opened up a partnership with Maybelline New York .

Line has just announced that it has opened up a new partnership with aCommerce, an online shopping logistics firm, as well as Maybelline New York, from L’Oreal, in order to be able to take a new step into cosmetics mobile commerce venture that will bring the latest products from the brand to Thailand.

Through this partnership, users of the Line app will receive exclusive access to flash sales held on the platform.

These cosmetics mobile commerce discount opportunities will run from December 16 through December 20. Among those who purchase the product offered during the promotional period – an item that has not yet been identified – will also be the first ones to own it, as it will be released to them before the official launch to everyone else, which will not occur until next year.

The complete cosmetics mobile commerce campaign logistics for the Maybelline Flash Sale was handled by aCommerce.

Cosmetics Mobile CommerceThis will include all of the products that are purchased throughout the entire length of the campaign. aCommerce will be managing everything from warehouse services, to customer service, fulfillment of returns, and everything else that is required as a part of the purchasing experience for consumers.

Tom Srivorakul, the aCommerce CEO, stated that shoppers in Thailand are known to be cautious, as a whole, when it comes to using their credit card data online. Therefore, the company is providing an option for cash on delivery. This gives shoppers the chance to pay for the product once it has been delivered to their home or workplace.

The logistics company explained that the Line app already has 20 million Thai users. This is an increase of an incredible 2 million over their data from August. The ability to be able to access that tremendous number of users is, according to the company, a very promising and appropriate step for Maybelline as it makes its first steps into the Thailand cosmetics mobile commerce market. The hope is that this will generate the type of success that has been experience through similar efforts in the Asia Pacific region.