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Increased mobile commerce expected once again this holiday season

This year’s RhythmOne study is aligning well with other predictions with regards to purchasing with smartphones.

For the last several years, mobile commerce trends have shown that smartphone owners are using their devices to an increasing degree with each new holiday shopping season and the results of a new RhythmOne study have revealed that this year will be no exception to that rule.

The majority of holiday shoppers intend to take part in mobile shopping activities this year, said the report.

In fact, the report on the study showed that 71.5 percent of holiday shoppers intend to take part in mobile commerce in at least some levels of the shopping process from browsing through to the actual purchase. The report labeled those consumers as “mobile holiday shoppers” as they intend to go online or use a mobile app on their smartphones in order to research, find, or purchase products as gifts.

This represents the 11th annual study of this nature conducted by RhythmOne and shows the largest mobile commerce influence.

Mobile Commerce Holiday Shopping to RiseAccording to the authors of the report, “Among mobile holiday shoppers, 40.9 percent will use a smartphone only, 40.0 percent will use both a smartphone and a tablet, and 19.1 percent will use a tablet only to research/shop for holiday products and gifts.” They also went on to underscore their discovery that throughout the holiday season, 60.4 percent of mobile shoppers between the ages of 18 and 34 years will use a smartphone as their exclusive device for shopping behaviors at this time of year.

As the company now has an 11 year history of building an understanding the holiday shopping habits of consumers, they feel quite strongly that their results provide important insight with regards to the path to purchase being taken by consumers. Marketers may be able to take advantage of this knowledge in order to best reach consumers at this busiest buying time of the year.

Another important point made by this mobile commerce research is that smartphones are being used to an increasing degree while customers are actually standing within a brick and mortar store. They are being consulted to help in decision making, to read reviews, check competitor prices and to see if coupons or other types of mobile discounts are available.

Driving forces behind mobile shopping decisions discovered

A recent Instart Logic survey has identified the reason behind certain m-commerce habits.

New research has provided a considerable amount of insight into the driving forces behind some of the most important consumer mobile shopping habits, providing a better understanding of what factors come into play when deciding where to spend money.

The research was conducted in the form of a survey by Instart Logic and was conducted in the U.S.

There were 2,000 American consumers who participated in the survey and shared their mobile shopping habits in order to make it possible to better understand what was driving them. The research indicated that consumer confidence in a given brand is heavily linked to the quality of an individual’s experience while taking part in mobile commerce. It was also determined that a clean site that is light and quick to load generates a better response from shoppers.

A large number of people are using their smartphones and mobile shopping features as a part of the choosing process.

Drive Behind Mobile ShoppingThe research findings stated that 62 percent of American adult consumers said that their mobile phones were used at some point in the complete shopping process, from discovery, to product research and even to actually buying the product. Among those who did use their mobile devices at some point in the shopping process, 77 percent said that they used m-commerce as a part of their initial research. Another 73 percent said their mobile devices were used for reading about product information and reviews.

Over three in every four shoppers indicated that using mobile commerce activities was helpful to their shopping success. Among them, 73 percent said they liked the convenience of shopping over mobile devices. Another 72 percent said it was appealing because it was always available.

More than half of the survey respondents said they would be making the same purchases over their smartphones that they would make from within a brick and mortar shop. Among them, 74 percent said that the deciding factor between mobile shopping and buying in person was the price they could find for the product they were seeking to purchase.