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Mobile commerce having an effect on point-of-sale market

Mobile Commerce POSMobile commerce continues to change the way people pay for products

With the advent of mobile commerce, the concept of using a smartphone or tablet as a point-of-sales terminal gained more traction. Consumers have been growing more comfortable with the idea of using their mobile devices to purchase products over the past three years. As a result, more of these mobile devices have been showing up in several markets as point-of-sale systems. For merchants that had been traditionally unable to facilitate credit and debit card transactions, this may provide them with the ability to reach a wider demographic of consumers.

Study details growth of mobile point-of-sale technologies

A new study from Javelin Strategy and Research, a market research and analysis firm, highlights the potential impact of new merchants entering into the mobile commerce field. According to the study, mobile point-of-sale transactions are expected to account for $1.1 trillion in new mobile payments. The study also suggests that the number of merchants able to accept mobile payments will swell by 20 million.

Mobile commerce becoming a formidable force in the world

Mobile commerce has become a major force in the world. The number of consumers with smartphones and tablets has made it possible for this new form of commerce to emerge. Several industries have begun responding the growing popularity of mobile commerce and new point-of-sale technologies are making it possible for consumers to have even more access to mobile commerce services. The more these mobile point-of-sale platforms grow, however, the larger threat they present to the traditional point-of-sale market.

Traditional technology may be losing ground

Traditional payment terminals, such as cash registers, may soon be considered obsolete. These point-of-sale platforms exist to manage physical currencies rather than virtual currencies. Mobile commerce allows for accurate transactions and removes the need for physical currency, which may be enough to push older technologies away from the industries that have relied on them for several years.

Mobile payments research study reveals explosive growth trend

Mobile payments to excel in futureAccording to a new study, mobile transactions will become more prominent in the future.

The results of a recent study, conducted by Javelin Strategy and Research, has found that mobile payments have increased in popularity and that over the course of the next five years, they are likely to be the payment method that grows the fastest compared to all other types of transactions.

More consumers will turn to mobile devices to make in-store purchases. 

While online shopping has gained a lot of attention, researchers who performed the Javelin study discovered that despite the popularity of e-commerce, 93% of the entire U.S. retail dollar volume is made up in brick and mortar retail stores. The study went on to report that it will not be long before mobile payments start to have a profound effect on the retail POS (point-of-sale) market.

Mobile payments are predicted to exceed $5 billion by 2018.

Results of the Javelin study revealed that the POS retail market is developing at an incredible speed. This is due mostly to the ever-increasing popularity of both the mobile payments and e-commerce markets. Consumers of today want a fast and convenient shopping experience and it is believed that digitized transaction methods will allow shoppers to achieve the superior in-store experience they not only crave, but expect.

Although mobile payments have yet to become one of the top payment options among retail shoppers, this is anticipated to change within the next five years. According to the study, by 2018, mobile payments in the U.S. will hit $5.4 billion. That being said, the researchers did also point out that they approximate retail POS purchases on the whole will be worth closer to the $4.2 trillion mark in 2018.

However, despite this much larger overall number, the amount estimated for mobile transactions appears to be nothing short of extraordinary. What’s more, the Javelin Strategy and Research study mentioned that, within five years, mobile payments will surpass all other types of payments in terms of having the biggest compound annual growth rate. Thus, in such a rapidly changing environment that is becoming more and more mobile-friendly, a big change in POS retail market trends is highly likely.