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iZettle launches new system to support mobile payments

New point-of-sale system will support mobile transactions made through various services

Sweden’s iZettle, a developer of point-of-sale systems, has launched a new mobile point-of-sale product that is meant to work with both chip and PIN mobile payments. The product has an emphasis on Apple Pay and similar payment services. These services have become quite popular with consumers because they allow people to make payments with their mobile devices. This is considered a convenient way to pay for products, but there are relatively few mobile point-of-sale systems that are available in the retail space.

Global launch of new system expected to occur later this year

Growing demand for these systems has lead iZettle and other companies to develop new products that can accommodate changing trends in the retail space. The company’s new system, called the Card Reader Pro Contactless, will be distributed to select partners in the United Kingdom. A broader launch will come in June. Global launch will occur in the following months. The system itself costs approximately $122, with price variations depending on certain markets.

Small retailers may find benefit in iZettle’s new product

mobile payments - Point-of-sale SystemThe new system may be particularly useful to small companies that are interested in mobile payments. Small retailers have been slow to embrace mobile payments because of the costs associated with converting conventional point-of-sale systems into mobile capable systems. Smaller retailers want to engage mobile consumers, but do not necessarily have a way to support mobile payments. The new point-of-sale system could help solve this problem by giving these retailers the tool they need to finally break into the mobile space.

System could be an effective way for retailers to engage mobile consumers

The mobile system will support numerous mobile payments apps, including Google Wallet. The system is meant to cater to the convenience of mobile payments and allow both retailers and consumers an easy and effective way to engage in a new form of commerce that has emerged as a result of mobile technology. Of course, iZettle is not the only company to bring a mobile point-of-sale system to the market, so it will have to compete with others in the retail space to find success.

Mobile payments for homeless magazine powered by iZettle

Vendors of the publication can now accept transactions over a smartphone or tablet.

iZettle, a Swedish company that provides social and mobile payments services, has now entered into a partnership with the magazine called Situation Sthlm, which is a publication that is sold in Stockholm by homeless people as a part of a program that provides them with the opportunity to earn money.

The transaction business is now working with the magazine company to help to make those sales easier.

iZettle announced that it will be working with the magazine by providing the sellers of the publication with smartphones and card readers. This will allow those sellers to be able to use mobile payments technology to accept payments on the spot, from the buyer’s credit or debit cards. No matter where the seller may be, as long as he or she has a cell phone signal, it will be possible to accept these digital transactions, instead of having to rely wholly on cash.

This agreement is the result of a successful mobile payments trial program that has now been completed.

Mobile Payments - iZettleThe trial using the mobile payments services ran for a full month through five sellers who were provided with smartphones and a card reader from iZettle. This gave them the ability to expand the acceptable transactions from cash to credit and debit, as well. To use the service, vendors simply plug the card reader into the smartphone. The customers could then swipe their cards and either sign on the device screen or use a PIN to be able to complete the purchase.

The smartphones that are used for the mobile payments program are collected – along with the card readers – from the central offices every day at the same time that the sellers obtain the magazines that they sell.

iZettle provides both the hardware and the mobile payments software in this agreement so that the sellers would be able to convert their tablets or smartphones into a type of credit and debit card terminal that works on the go. They also provide their services to other merchants and are compliant with EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and VISA) standards in addition to the PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).