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iWatch steps ever closer to official Apple confirmation

Although the device has never been officially acknowledged by the company, deals make its existence obvious.

Although the iWatch name is nothing more than a term that has been applied to a smartwatch device that is only rumored to be in development at Apple, it is becoming ever clearer that this wearable technology does exist, simply through the deals that the manufacturer has been seeking.

Many rumors about the types of expert that Apple has been seeking are adding weight to the rumors of a smartwatch.

Following rumors that Apple has been seeking fitness experts to assist in the development of potential health software for wearable technology, there have also been other reports that have suggested that the company is looking into solar power battery charging for a device that is somewhat like a watch. Now, there are more iWatch rumor reports as Apple seeks designers at luxury wristwatch companies.

All of these details continue to make it more clear that the iWatch is far more than just a rumor.

At the same time, many of those luxury watchmakers are not entirely impressed with the current look of wearables and the future that they imply. Nick Hayek, the CEO of Swatch has said that he feels that there will be a considerable limitation in the smartwatch marketplace due to tech restrictions.Wearable Technology - iWatch

He explained that “We have been in discussions – not ever initiated by us- with practically all players in smart wearables up until today,” but also added that “we see no reason why we should enter into any partnership agreement.”

There have been recent news reports from many reputable publications that have indicated that Apple is seeking the very best in the designer and wristwatch industry. While they have attempted to “lure” Hublot and “several Swiss parts manufacturers,” said the Financial Times, Jean-Claude Biver, the watch and jewelry chief of Luis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, said that nobody has taken the offer.

The iWatch will be a late entrant into this rapidly moving wearable technology race, in which the smartwatch remains king, so far. In order to stand out and be worth its price tag, it will need to be quite the exceptional device.

Smartwatches by LG for Google? That’s the scuttlebutt

The latest rumor is that the South Korean device manufacturer will build the competition for the iWatch for the tech giant.

Recent news published in The Wall Street Journal has revealed that Google is on its way to creating smartwatches, and that it is LG that is the company behind their manufacture.

This will considerably expand the hardware partnership between Google and LG.

The news publication said that it obtained the information about the Google smartwatches in Barcelona, through a “person familiar with the situation”. This will bring both industry giants into the wearable technology domain in a tremendous way. That said, LG may not be the only manufacturer that will be involved in making the wrist worn devices.

It might be that the Google smartwatches will use a strategy similar to that used for its Nexus devices.

Google’s Nexus tablets and smartphones draw hardware from more than one company. It wouldn’t be unheard of for it to do the same for its wearable tech, as well. None of this will be revealed for certain until some point in March, when it is rumored – according to CNET – that Google will be unveiling the operating system. That said, the actual reveal for the mobile devices, themselves, will likely not be until June at their I/O conference.

Similar details have been showing up online in many places that have been accurate with their predictions in the past.Smartwatches- Wearable Technology

This is not the first that the world has heard of a smartwatch device from Google. Reports began to make their way into the mainstream press last October, when they were saying that these gadgets could be unveiled within the upcoming months.

Other predictions that are being made about these wearable tech gadgets are that they will help to place a more powerful focus on glanceable information and on Google Now. However, at this point in the game, very little else is known about what the device will entail. Once Google does make its entry into the market, it will have competition from other smartwatches that are already on their way to establishing themselves, such as Galaxy Gear and Pebble, as well as the rumored iWatch from Apple.