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Apple makes technology news with possibility of 25 Chinese store locations

The CEO of the company, Tim Cook, recently visited the country to announce the store expansion there.

The maker of the wildly popular iPhone is making technology news yet again, as Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO used his trip to China to announce that the company will be expanding its stores into the country, opening up 25 new locations there.

These 25 new stores will be opening up at a pace that will span over the next two years.

This is considered to be important technology news, as the Chinese market is the largest in the world for mobile tech, and the iPhone has struggled to be able to grab hold of a very large share of that environment due to its premium price tag when compared to the vast array of more affordable competition. These new locations will more than double the number of Apple Stores in the country.

The current technology news reports that there are 15 in the country but that it will be growing by 25 more.

Technology News - Apple storesTim Cook has already been expressing a number of different hopes that have to do with China. Among the more recent announcements have been that the Apple Pay mobile payments service would also be rolling out in the country. This could turn the Chinese population into the largest revenue generator for this American premium mobile device company.

Previously, there has been a certain amount of controversy between China and Apple, as the tech giant had released the latest smartphones, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, in the country by way of the online stores as well as the retail locations. That said, it was discovered that the iPhone 6 iCloud app had a malicious virus that was sending users to a fraudulent page that saved the credentials of the Chinese users for the iCloud.

That said, the virus did not manage to compromise the servers for the iCloud, which is a bit of positive technology news within that struggle. The iCloud login process had also managed to remain fully intact. This discovery has not yet been officially confirmed, but it would be far from the first mobile security attack that could occur between China and the United States.

New details about Apple’s mobile payments service emerge

Leaked training material helps shed light on Apple Pay features

Apple has begun training its retail employees on the various aspects of its new mobile payment service. The company recently unveiled Apple Pay, which represents its first step into the mobile payments space. The service has yet to officially launch, but it has already received strong praise from businesses and consumers alike. Training material acquired by 9to5Mac sheds some light on some of the features of Apple Pay and shows off features of the service that have not yet been revealed officially.

Apple Pay is designed to work with Passbook

According to the training material, Apple Pay can be set up through the Passbook application. Passbook is Apple’s version of a digital wallet, capable of storing a wide range of virtual information, including special deals offered by retailers and financial details. The service can also be set up through the initial iOS 8 startup process for new iOS devices. As many as eight credit and debit cards can be associated with Apple Pay at any given time and these cards can be linked to Apple Pay through a user’s iTunes account.

NFC technology will control mobile transactions made through Apple Pay

New Apple Mobile Payments DetailsApple Pay will be using NFC technology in order to facilitate mobile payments. This technology has comprised the backbone of the mobile commerce space for some time, but Apple had considered it dangerous in the past. Over the past few years, Apple has been taking a slow approach to the mobile payment space, citing security concerns as the reason for its cautious approach. Apple may have found a way to make NFC technology more secure using biometric technology.

Apple Pay set to launch October 18

According to a leaked memo from one of Apple’s launch partners for Apple Pay, the new mobile payment service is set to see an official launch on October 18. The service will be available for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices, as well as Apple’s forthcoming wearable devices that is expected to be launched at some point in early 2015.