Looking to move into your newly built dream home soon?

Shifting to a better apartment in a different locality? If yes, there are a number of nifty apps worth downloading that can help you in a number of ways while moving to a new residential property. Right from helping you explore your new neighborhood, to giving you inspiration on home decor, to helping you find a restaurant serving your favorite Mexican food, these apps swear to make your life easier. Listed below are 5 such extraordinary mobile apps that you definitely need to check out.


If you’ve moved into your new apartment or house based in a new locality, probably the first thing you want to do is to get to know your neighborhood better, and this is exactly why you should have Yelp installed on your smart phone. Yelp is an extremely handy app that will pinpoint your location and will help you locate all the possible businesses around your area, along with reviews, ratings, images, contact details, addresses, and so on. Right from restaurants, to bars, shops, cafés, supermarkets, clubs, to hospitals, and much more, Yelp will help you discover useful businesses in your area. Moreover, the app also gives you an option to narrow down your search on the basis of distance, category, and so on. With its convenient search filters, the informative content, and an intuitive interface, Yelp is definitely one app that deserves your attention.

IKEA catalogue

Looking to get your new home furnished? If your local IKEA store your favorite destination whenever you need to shop for home furnishings? Instead of going to an IKEA store to shop, how about getting the IKEA store home? Yes, that’s exactly what this incredible app does. As the name suggests, this spectacular app gives you access to the IKEA catalogue on your smart phone at the click of a button! This app is a free source of all the inspiration, ideas, and home furnishing knowledge that you may need. The app is packed with more than 300 pages and over a thousand images of products for you to choose from.

Houzz Interior Design IdeasMobile apps for moving

Need some inspiration to do up the interiors of your new home? Looking for some ultimate ideas to help you spruce up the interiors of your new home?  If yes, Houzz Interior Design Ideas is pretty much up your alley. With CNN calling it the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design”, Houzz Interior Design Ideas is hands down one of the best and most extensive app in the market when it comes to interior decoration. Packed with more than 100,000 high resolution images, Houzz has one of the largest databases for decoration and interior design ideas. With the help of this fantastic app, you can search for ideas and images according to the room, style, and location. Be it for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, store room, porch, and so on, the app has plenty of inspiration to offer. You can even browse through different décor styles such as traditional, modern, contemporary, and so on. Besides, the app even allows you to scribble down personal notes beneath an image that you might like, just so that you can keep a track on the image and what you liked about it.


Searching for the right color palette for your new home? Looking for the perfect hues for your bedroom walls? Wondering whether green would look good on your kitchen walls? If yes, ColorSnap is the perfect app to help you with all your wall color woes. ColorSnap is a fantastic app that gives you access to a full portfolio of color tools at the tap of a finger. Explore a collection of more than 1,500 colors from the portfolio and virtually paint your house walls with any colors that you might fancy! Yes, just snap a quick image of your room and virtually start painting the walls with your fingers. What’s more, if you come across a particular color somewhere which you really like, just click a picture of that color and match it with the 1,500 Sherwin-Williams colors featuring in the app. Even if you have a particular color in mind but you’re not sure about the shade or the name, have a look at the hundreds of possibilities featuring inside the app and get hold of color names and shades.

Gas Buddy

After moving into your new house, chances are that you’re going to be making a lot more car rounds, driving around to supermarkets, furniture stores, restaurants, or just simply exploring the neighborhood, and so on. In such a situation, wouldn’t it be a great help if you could lay your hands on some cheap fuel in your new locality? As the name implies, Gas Buddy is an ingenious app that takes in your ZIP code or uses your phone’s GPS to help you locate the nearest gas stations around you selling the cheapest fuel. Besides, this app is a community-based app which means you can compare prices entered by other users and you can even update real-time fuel prices in your area – perfect!

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