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Will Google miss its wearable technology opportunity?

The company has yet to show that it has secured a long term position within the smartwatch category.

Google does seem to have embraced the idea of wearable technology as it produced an open-source software, Android Wear, that could be installed into the devices of hardware partners, and it had even been selling test models of smart glasses for a while through its Google Glass line, but it has shown that it is moving toward a higher amount of control over a heavier version of the operating system, including its APIs, which are typically licensed to smartphone and tablet makers.

Some have reported that they believe that Google doesn’t want to repeat past mistakes through its Android Wear.

The Android operating system for wearable technology is considerably more closed than the version of the OS that is designed for tablets and smartphones. Because of this, many OEMs have become a little bit leery of choosing the operating system for their own wearables. Samsung, for example, has chosen to use its own proprietary platform, the Tizen OS, for the majority of its smartwatches in the Gear line. LG is another brand that has created its own Wearable Platform OS, using the WebOS that it obtained from Palm.

The upcoming release of the Apple Watch is expected to throw the wearable technology market forward.

Wearable Technology - Missed OpportunitySince that device is clearly based on a smartwatch version of the iOS platform, many are starting to wonder if Google’s actions to protect itself from the mistakes it had previously made in its standard Android operating system could actually be what locks it out of the wearables market, when all is said and done.

Samsung has previously battled it out with Google over the degree to which Google has attepted to control the implementation of the Android OS. As TouchWiz UI is used by Samsung to differentiate the version of Android that it uses from that of other devices, Google wasn’t pleased that Samsung had chosen to move some of its apps around.

This demand for control and failure to open up the Android platform was what drove Samsung to use the open source version of the Android OS to develop Tizen and steer away from the limitations it faced from Google.

Smartwatch display from LG will be “always-on”

This suggests that the Android based wearable technology may have overcome the battery life issue.

LG has now released a teaser page for its smartwatch based on the Android Wear operating system by Google for wearable technology, which has shown that the manufacturer is now able to provide an “always-on” mobile device display.

The G Watch teaser has provided a surprising amount of insight about what the gadget has to offer.

This one point about the display will set the LG smartwatch apart from the latest Galaxy Gear mobile devices. Samsung’s wearable technology devices keep the displays turned off until the wrist is flicked upward. That said, while LG has given that much information about its upcoming wearables, it has not explained exactly how it will be able to accomplish this screen that is always on. That said, there are two primary possibilities that have been identified.

There are some other always on smartwatch gadgets that have already hit the market.

One was seen in the SmartWatch 2 from Sony ,which uses an LCD screen that is “transreflective”. While the color display in those wearables can last for days on a single charge, when it is not actively being used, it switches into grayscale mode in order to help to conserve power.Smartwatch - Battery Life

The other possibility could be similar to the Mirasol display technology from Qualcomm, which allows the display to remain in full color for days at a time when starting at a full charge. Though this technology has yet to make its way into a mass market product, the company has been selling the Toq experimental watch product that uses that type of display.

Other details have also been released by LG, such as the fact that it will be available in “champagne gold” with a white strap, or in black with a black strap. These gadgets will be both dust and water resistant to help to ensure a longer lifespan.

That said, it is the power efficiency that is drawing the largest amount of attention to this smartwatch, as this is one of the issues that is causing the greatest struggles in the development of mobile devices in this category.