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Trouble may be brewing for mobile games

Glu Mobile hits a speed bump with its mobile games

Mobile games have been gaining a lot of popularity lately, but there could be trouble on the horizon. Glu Mobile, a leading developer of mobile games, is forecasting a larger-than-expected loss for the latest quarter of 2013. This forecast comes on the heels of losses seen during the second quarter of the year. Glu Mobile has seen the sale of mobile games and the spending within these games drop somewhat among smartphone and tablet users this year.

Consumers may be showing fatigue when it comes to mobile gaming

Mobile games have managed to attract a great deal of interest in recent years, proving to be alluring to consumers because of their convenient nature and, in some cases, addictive design. These games have seen impressive growth in several parts of the world, but Glu Mobile suggests that consumers could be experiencing some degree of fatigue when it comes to mobile gaming. A lack of innovation could also be a problematic issue as more mobile games begin offering similar experiences.

Mobile games may face troubling futureGlu Mobile sees losses during third quarter

Glu Mobile boasts of 40 million active users and primarily generates revenue through advertisements and in-game purchases. The company expects to see revenue call by 16.5% in the third quarter over what it had seen in the same period in 2012. This has led the company’s shares to fall in value by 9%. Losses during the third quarter were larger than Glu Mobile had expected, but the company continues to show relatively strong results within the game industry.

Mobile games could face a troubling future

While consumers have shown a great deal of support for mobile games the variety that these games exhibit has diminished over time. Many mobile games are indistinguishable from one another in terms of experience and gameplay, which has proven unattractive for many consumers. Moreover, the simple nature of these games allows consumers to move from title to title quickly, often without experiencing the majority of what a particular title has to offer.

Glu Mobile brings real money to mobile games

Real-money mobile games could be a powerful source of revenue for publisher

Mobile games are already extremely popular with consumers throughout the U.S., but if these games offered a chance for people to win actual money they may see a significant spike in consumer activity. Glu Mobile, a publisher of mobile games in the U.S., believes that real-money games may be a part of the future of the mobile space. Mobile games that offer consumers a chance to be rewarded for their skill could be a powerful revenue source that has not yet been tapped into.

Glu Mobile teams with Skillz

Despite the popularity of mobile games, Glu Mobile has struggled to report profits since 2007. The publisher has been involved in many sectors of the gaming space, focusing primarily on mobile games, but has been unable to find a strong foothold in any of these sectors. Glu Mobile recently entered into a partnership with Skillz, a pioneer in the realm of real-money games, and believes that it has finally found a place where it can find some profit.

Money to Mobile GamesMobile games awarding real money could be a hit with consumers

Real-money games have yet to find any significant level of popularity, partly due to the misconception that these games involve gambling in some way. These games do not, in fact, involve gambling, however, as they are entirely based on skill and players do not lose anything if they do not happen to perform well in any particular task. Glu Mobile believes that these mobile games can provide a quality experience to consumers while also giving them a powerful incentive to continue playing these games for significant periods of time.

Glu Mobile to launch cash tournament for games

Glu Mobile will be making use of the Skillz platform to introduce cash tournaments to its popular hunting simulator called Deer Hunter Reloaded. Players will be able to compete in this tournament free of charge, allowing a wide range of people to compete for cash prizes. Glu Mobile currently has plans to expand this practice to other mobile games that it is responsible for in the second half of this year.