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Mobile security becoming more serious with online companies

Mobile Security onlineCompanies begin to consider mobile security a priority

Privacy has become more than a regulatory measure that online companies must wrangle with on a daily basis. As consumers begin to favor their mobile devices more, privacy has become a major concern for them, especially when it comes to mobile marketing and mobile security. Online companies are now fighting to prove that their privacy measures are much more comprehensive than those coming from their competitors, all in a bid to ensure that consumers have control over the data they share with the business world.

Mozilla takes steps to protect privacy

Many companies are adopting a very firm stance on the issue of privacy. Such is the case with Mozilla, which holds a very strong presence in the web browser market. Mozilla has announced that it will allow users of its Firefox browser to completely disable all third-party tracking methods in order to provide them with more security while online. This extends to the company’s recently unveiled mobile operating system, which could have major implications for the world of mobile marketing and mobile security.

Apple and Facebook look to improve mobile security

Mozilla is not alone in its enthusiasm concerning mobile security. Apple has begun requiring application on its popular App Store to receive permission from consumers before collecting geographic information and other data. Facebook, which has long been plagued by accusations of carelessness when it comes to privacy, has also been making moves to become more secure for users. The social network is currently working on a variety of privacy tools, one of which keeps a user’s personal data stored on a cloud network.

Government interest spurs action on mobile security

Much of the enthusiasm concerning mobile security may be due to the fact that the U.S. government is beginning to force companies to take the matter more seriously. The Federal Communications Commission recently introduced new regulations that require applications to inform their users that personal information is being collected. Demand for better privacy and mobile security measures has also been on the rise among consumers, forcing companies to take more considerations when it comes to protecting information.

Verizon Wireless claims to not restrict customer access to Google


Google Wallet Mobile Payments Verizon Wireless IssueVerizon Wireless facing accusations of baring access to Google Wallet

Verizon Wireless has been making a name for itself in the realm of mobile commerce through the Isis platform. The company has been getting attention in the mobile commerce space for more than its participation in the Isis venture, however. Rumors have been circulating concerning the company’s restrictions concerning Google Wallet. According to these rumors, Verizon Wireless has barred all customers from accessing Google’s own mobile commerce platform. The telecommunications giant, however, suggests that this is not the case.

Company files report to the FCC

Verizon Wireless has delivered a report to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, which regulations domestic and international communications via radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable. In its report, Verizon Wireless claims that it has not taken any steps to restrict access to Google Wallet. The allegations concernng the company’s restrictions are likely linked to a problem with Google Wallet itself, rather than any action that Verizon Wireless has made.

Problems may lie with Google Wallet itself

Earlier this year, Verizon began releasing NFC-enabled smart phones to the market. At the time these devices were released, Google Wallet was not ready to be made available on these platform. This quickly changed, however, as Google pushed for inclusion into the Verizon Wireless network, making the Wallet application compatible with the company’s latest  mobile devices. Problems began emerging as consumers found that they were unable to use Google Wallet, even though it was completely compatible with the device they purchased from Verizon Wireless.

Verizon suggests Google Wallet has yet to be approved for its security features

Verizon claims that the problem lies in the fact that Google has done little to gain approval for its mobile commerce application in terms of security. Verizon Wireless notes that Google Wallet’s security features require that it be approved by the company before it can be made widely available to customers. The company claims that Google is already well aware of this necessity, but that the technology giant has not yet sought approval for its mobile commerce platform.