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Mobile app from Facebook pales next to Paper

The social network has launched a new application that is providing a far better experience.

The most recent mobile app that has been launched by Facebook, called Paper, is being applauded when compared to the previous application from the social network, which many people find to be far less engaging and far more frustrating.

The purely functional experience from the Facebook Home app has been replaced by visual appeal and ease of use.

With the release of Paper, Facebook has effectively exposed how unappealing its old application actually was and that it is capable of doing a great deal more with its mobile app. Paper is a kind of combination of the existing news feed on a user’s account with news stories and status updates from friends. It has eliminated menus and buttons in favor of more basic screen swipes. Instead of the standard form of the news feed, large images are available (which can be better seen with device tilts), status updates, and videos that auto-play.

This new mobile app also encourages more off-Facebook content consumption.

The reason that it can do this is that users can leave Facebook’s content to view other forms online without having to leave Paper. This can be accomplished by simply selecting the online media category that is preferred on top of the usual items on the news feed. Each of those elements can be seen in the same way as one would flip through a magazine. They include sports. Food, photography, and science, among others.

These new features in addition to a range of stylistic enhancements have made it obvious that Facebook is understanding how vital it is to break away from its older structure. It is trying to avoid the impression that it is aging – as Tuesday represents its tenth birthday. In internet time, the social network is virtually seen as ancient, so it is becoming critical that it remains cutting edge and keeps up its relevance to its users, no matter what device they prefer.

The Paper mobile app is also providing an additional opportunity for Facebook to display ads. It is believed that it won’t be long before users start to see lots of advertising working its way into the rest of the content that is being consumed.

Mobile commerce may be in the cards for Facebook

Mobile Commerce FacebookFacebook could be showing more enthusiasm for mobile commerce

It is no secret that Facebook is looking to appeal more heavily to mobile consumers. The social network has begun seeing its place as social media dominator slip over the past year as a growing number of tech-savvy and younger consumers begin to look elsewhere for their social networking fix. Facebook recently identified mobile as its future, but the social network’s exact plans therein are still somewhat vague. Mobile commerce, marketing, and mobile games may be part of the company’s plans to solidify its grip on the often fickle realm of social networking.

Facebook acquires Osmeta

Facebook has announced its acquisition of Osmeta, a software startup with a focus on the mobile sector. The acquisition comes on the heels of the launch of the Facebook Home application. The app serves as a sort of faux operating system, changing the way a smartphone’s interface looks and functions. The goal of the application is to make Facebook ever-present in the lives of mobile consumers by, quite literally, making the social network the first and last thing people see on their mobile devices.

Mobile plans are not yet clear

Exactly what Facebook plans to do with Osmeta is not clear. Osmeta notes that it has been working on a large project for some time, but details concerning this project are equally unclear. The company currently accounts for 19 software engineers from varied backgrounds. There is speculation suggesting that Facebook has plans for a new mobile commerce application or mobile commerce features that will be incorporated into the Home application. Facebook has shown some interest in mobile commerce in the past and has even recently begun charging for certain services it used to offer for free; services that mobile consumers must pay for if they want to use them.

Facebook may eventually address mobile commerce

Like other social networks, Facebook is currently at a crossroad. The social network is becoming increasingly enthusiastic about the concept of monetization, while it is also facing strong feedback from its users who want to see the social network remain a free platform. Whichever path it chooses, the company will remain focused on the mobile space, which will eventually bring Facebook to confront the prospects of mobile commerce more aggressively.