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Mobile marketing to heat up in the UK

Mobile marketing expected to reach new heights during the summer

Mobile marketing is expected to go into high gear in the United Kingdom in the coming months. Some 17 million consumers throughout the country will be receiving targeting advertisements throughout their mobile devices as major retailers and telecommunications operators begin working together over the summer. Vodafone, EE, and O2 are the country’s largest telecommunications companies and each has been working with large retail brands to launch new mobile marketing campaigns.

Weve to lead massive mobile marketing push

These three companies have pooled a great deal of data into a single platform that they are calling Weve. This joint venture organization is meant to leverage this consumer data in order to deliver very direct advertisements to very specific demographics. The data used by Weve is comprised of age, gender, mobile device details, and other such information that could determine the type of advertisements a consumer sees.

UK mobile marketing shows promise for summerWeve to bid for mobile advertising space

During the summer, Weve will be bidding on mobile advertising space. The organization is eager to purchase space on various mobile applications and websites, but has a keen interest in mobile games. These games are enjoyed by a vast number of consumers throughout the United Kingdom and constant exposure to these games means constant exposure to mobile marketing. Mobile games may be the best avenue for the organizations marketing endeavors, but they do not encompass Weve’s overall interests in mobile marketing.

Weve receives regulatory approval from EU

Because Weve makes use of data collected from consumers, there have been concerns regarding privacy and how this data is being used or shared with others. In November of last year, the European Union granted regulatory approval to Weve, suggesting that the organization is not using consumer data in any way that could be considered malicious. Moreover, the data collected by Weve is entirely anonymous, with no personal details, apart from age and gender, being accessed by the organization.

eBay predicts big losses for UK economy during holidays


ebay christmaseBay cites mobile connectivity for economic loss

The Christmas season is almost here, and many consumers are expected to rely heavily on their mobile devices to get their holiday shopping done. The holiday season has long been a major occasion for the retail industry, and this continues to be the case in the advent of mobile commerce. More consumers are making use of the smart phones and other mobile devices to purchase products. This has created a promising opportunity for some retailers, but it may cause some trouble for those in the United Kingdom. According to eBay, the UK economy stands to lose this year because of problems concerning mobile commerce and connectivity.

Slow connection speeds discourage consumers to participate in mobile commerce

Famed online retailer eBay claims that slow mobile connection speeds, caused by the lack of a universal 4G service, will cost the UK economy more than $150 million during the holiday season. The retailer believes that the average mobile download speeds throughout the country are not conducive to supporting consumers who want to make a purchase using their smart phone. The country’s first 4G network was launched earlier this week by Everything Everywhere, bringing high-speed connection to 11 cities in the UK, but this network has not yet matured enough to be considered viable for holiday shoppers.

4G connectivity could boost sales to nearly $800 million

eBay predicts that more than a third of all Christmas gifts will be purchased online using a smart phone, even from those that do not have access to a 4G network. If mobile networks were to improve the speeds they provide to consumers, establishing 4G connectivity throughout more of the country, eBay suggests that sales could rise from roughly $600 million to nearly $800 million.

Consumers continue to show interest in mobile commerce

Consumers in the United Kingdom have shown a great deal of interest in mobile commerce. Mobile commerce services have provided many of these consumers with a more convenient way to pay for the products that they love. If mobile networks do not take mobile commerce more seriously, especially in the realm of mobile connectivity, they may stand to lose during this year’s Christmas shopping frenzy.