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Nearly half of all online sales in Europe could come from mobile commerce by 2018

New report highlights the rapid growth of the mobile shopping space in the coming years

Forrester Research has published a new report concerning online sales throughout Europe. A growing number of consumers in European countries are beginning to favor shopping online, purchasing products and having them delivered directly to their homes. The report predicts that online shopping will continue to gain momentum throughout Europe in the coming years. Mobile commerce is expected to play a major role in the digital space as well, especially as more people become comfortable with using mobile-centric services offered by retailers and other businesses.

49% of all digital sales throughout Europe may be made from a mobile device by 2018

According to the report, mobile commerce is expected to account for 49% of all online sales in Europe by 2018. Mobile spending is expected to reach approximately $25 billion by the time, nearly representing the majority of all digital spending made in Europe. Tablets are likely to account for a significant portion of mobile spending, as these devices are quickly becoming a favored mobile commerce platform among consumers.

Adoption of mobile commerce is accelerating rapidly

Mobile Commerce - EuropeThe adoption of mobile commerce among businesses and consumers have been growing rapidly over the past two years. Retailers have begun seeing people using their mobile devices while shopping more regularly, with many of these people using their smartphones and tablets to research products before making a purchase. In order to engage the mobile audience, many retailers have begun adopting mobile-centric services, particularly those that facilitate mobile payments.

Retailers could find significant success by supporting the mobile audience

As people become more comfortable with mobile shopping, they are beginning to do so more regularly. Retailers that are moving to support this could see significant success in the coming years, while those that resist mobile commerce may find it difficult to connect with consumers. The mobile space is expected to be particularly active during the holiday season, during which many people may seek to exploit  the convenience that mobile commerce has to offer them.

Europe is leading the way in mobile payments

Europe is now the leader in mobile commerce, followed by Asia and North America

Europe is now leading the world in mobile payments, according to a new study from Adyen, a global payment technology company. Consumers throughout Europe have been showing aggressive interest in mobile commerce, and the growth of mobile shopping has been supported by European retailers and the growing popularity of mobile technology. Mobile devices are beginning to play a significant role in the lives of people everywhere, and this is leading to a growing demand for mobile-centric commerce.

Study shows that Europe accounted for 24% of all mobile payments made throughout the world in the third quarter of this year

According to the study from Adyen, 23% of all online payments during the third quarter of this year came from mobile devices. During the second quarter of 2014, 21% of all online payments came from mobile devices. Europe accounted for 24% of all mobile payments made during the fourth quarter, with Asia accounting for 17%. North America has been very slow to embrace mobile commerce in any significant way, but that may change in the future.

The future sustainability of businesses may be tied to mobile technology

Mobile Payments - EuropeAdyen suggests that the future of business lies in the mobile sector. Companies that can adapt to local mobile payment preferences of consumers are likely to find a significant degree of success. Consumers are looking for relatively simple, but robust payment solutions that they can use on their smartphones and tablets. They are also looking for businesses that can satisfy their mobile interests. As such, companies that manage to capture the mobile audience stand to see significant growth.

Security remains a serious problem for the mobile commerce sector and the businesses therein

There are still many challenges that the mobile commerce world faces, one of the most serious of which is security. Many mobile payment platforms lack the security needed to keep consumer information safe. This problem is compounded by the fact that many retailers are somewhat unfamiliar with mobile technology and the risks that exist in the digital world.