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Augmented reality toys from Disney may be jumping the gun

augmented reality disneyWhile there is some promise behind these high tech products, many believe the concept is lacking.

Disney has announced a line of augmented reality toys that allow a child to view the object through a smartphone or tablet in order to watch a favorite character interact with the item, but many reviews have indicated that the technology may not quite be adequately developed to provide the magical experience with which the company is typically associated.

Though there are some strengths to the idea, critics are calling it gimmicky and confusing.

Is augmented reality ready for the type of play experience that Disney is hoping to achieve? The products have been geared toward a very young demographic, in order to allow them to both play with the toys and watch their favorite characters do the same, with a certain level of interaction, as well.

However, many wonder if this type of augmented reality product is being released too soon for the tech.

It may be that the concept itself has not been fully developed in order to allow for the ideal level of interaction and, therefore, value to be obtained in this type of product. While those who are in favor of the toys feels that it adds an added element of fun and magic, critics wonder why a child should have to set the toy aside and watch a character play with it, instead of actually using the object him or herself.

At the same time, they augmented reality feature of the toys does offer an added experience, not only through the fun of watching a favorite character magically appear to play with the toy, but the animated characters also encourage the child to participate through song and interactive games.

Though the concept may be somewhat basic, it is still applying a great deal of fascinating technology that remains in its infancy in terms of consumer involvement. As adults seem divided, it appears that it will need to be the children who decide whether or not the effort was worthwhile.

The toys themselves were created and manufactured by a licensee called Jakks. They worked together with NantWorks, which is a company that uses augmented reality primarily for Disney developing and advertising.

Augmented reality game console from Disney confirmed through patent application

augmented reality DisneyThough there have been only unconfirmed rumors until now, the filing has provided confirmation.

It has just been observed that Disney has made a filing for a patent for a form of augmented reality technology that is meant for a 3D game console, which has now provided the confirmation that has been awaited by many following the initial rumor of its development.

The initial announcement of the game console’s creation had been a slip that was released accidentally.

The company has not made any move to deny the mobile video game console project, but if it had any intention to start, its opportunity has now been quashed with the application for an augmented reality technology patent. The documentation discusses precisely that form of device, including initial sketches and descriptions. The machine that is discussed in the patent application indicates a device that can be compared to the already released Nintendo 3DS.

There are certain differences between the devices, however, such as the application of augmented reality.

This will allow the portable console to be aimed at a certain real scene, capture it, and then apply augmented reality elements to it to provide enhancements and animations. What is therefore suggested, is that it would allow a real image to be taken by the player, who would then be able to watch it come to life through animation, for example.

There was a sketch provided within the patent application that suggested that the appearance of the augmented reality mobile game console would be strikingly similar to the Nintendo 3DS. It showed the dual screens as well as the flip open design for which the existing console is already recognized. At the time of this release, Nintendo had yet to make any comments regarding their opinion of the similarities between the two devices.

That said, the company may abstain from commenting simply because Disney may not have any intention of having their augmented reality game device appear in any way similar to that of Nintendo. The documentation included only a preliminary sketch, and it is more than likely that its final appearance will be considerably different from these first drawings.