Mobile commerce continues to grow throughout the world

Mobile commerce is evolving quickly throughout the world, especially as more companies become involved within this space. Companies that develop mobile wallets are expected to see promising new opportunities in this sector, as they have come to play a major role in the mobile commerce market. Discover Financial Services believes that mobile commerce will become a powerful force throughout the world, as it continues to grow as consumers are becoming more reliant on their mobile devices when shopping online and in the physical world.

Consumers now expect an enjoyable digital shopping experience from merchants

Amy Parsons, vice president of global commerce at Discover, notes that digital shopping experiences are no longer simply luxuries. Consumers now expect retailers to support digital shopping, especially when it comes to shopping with a mobile device. Retailers will have to vastly improve the mobile shopping experience if they want to secure customer loyalty. Poor shopping experiences can drive consumers to other retailers that have better offerings. Those becoming mobile-centric are expected to be able to take advantage of promising new opportunities that they did not have before.

Discover sees promising opportunities for merchants that want to engage in mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce - Digital Shopping via mobileDiscover has been keeping track of the growth of mobile commerce, noting that more consumers are beginning to rely on mobile wallets when it comes to shopping online and in physical stores. The applications allow consumers to store a wide range of information, including digital coupons and loyalty rewards offered by their favored merchants. These apps also store financial information, allowing consumers to pay for products that they are interested in conveniently.

Discover to continue working with companies to help them become more mobile-centric

Mobile commerce is expected to continue growing, with Discover likely to play a larger role in this sector. The company is moving the important aspects of a merchant’s business over to the mobile space, as well as the digital space. The company will continue to work with merchants in order to provide them with ways to effectively engage mobile consumers.