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World’s cheapest tablet launched in Canada

After having been developed in Montreal, the gadget is now being sold in the country.

The world’s cheapest tablet has now been created by DataWind, a company that was formerly based in Montreal, Canada, and that is now the third largest seller of these gadgets in India.

Under CTO Raja Tuli, the least expensive of the devices was developed and is now available in Canada.

One of the secrets behind the world’s cheapest tablet is in the special touchscreen, which is made of a sheet of glass with a photoresist coating. The devices are currently so inexpensive, that twenty of them could be purchased for the same price as a single premium iPad.

At the moment, the world’s cheapest tablet is going for the highly affordable price of $37.99.

world's cheapest tablet canadaAlthough the specs may not come anywhere near matching the iPad, for that price, many people who would otherwise not be purchasing that type of mobile gadget will be willing to pick one up either for some basic functions around the house or even for a gift to a child.

The device has a 7 inch screen and runs on a low 512 megabytes of RAM, with storage of 4GB. The machine, itself, has been named the Ubislate 7 Ci. An upgrade of the device is available for twice the price, to provide cellular connectivity. That version is called the Ubislate 7C+.

The special inexpensive touchscreens for the DataWind devices are currently manufactured in Montreal, Canada, the country where the company was founded. Since moving to India, the company has managed to become the top tablet seller, in part because of the low price tags that it can attach to its products. Moreover, it is also preferred because the devices are compatible with the antiquated cellular network in India. Hundreds of thousands of these machines have been supplied to school children in India, by way of a partnership that it has forged with the Ministry of Education in the country.

What has yet to be seen is whether or not these world’s cheapest tablets will find themselves as welcome in Canada as they are in India. It is likely that people will choose to purchase them for more basic functions, for kids or seniors, as an alternative to the top models for those who cannot afford them, or to be able to bring one along on trips that come with a risk of breaking or losing the device.

Technology news heats up with wireless internet in vehicles

The service will be offered by Sprint as well as Rogers Communications in Canada

Rogers Communications and American wireless carrier, Sprint, have announced in their latest technology news that they will be bringing high speed internet access to vehicles very soon, as they see a tremendous opportunity for growth within that market.

According to the carriers, the service will become available quite soon within new vehicles.

That said, the companies didn’t include pricing in their technology news announcement, nor did they share the cost of the project or the dates on which they expect to launch. The statement was issued jointly by these two companies, which are among the largest telecommunications networks in North America.

One spokesperson from Rogers has confirmed that the technology news of the launch will be within a year from now.

Technology News - Wireless Internet in VehiclesThe technology news release explained that the service would become available from auto manufacturers that use the Velocity system from Sprint in Canada, and will leverage the wireless networks from Rogers in order to make sure that vehicles remain connected while they’re on the road.

These new vehicles will be manufactured using a SIM card design that is machine-to-machine (M2M) for wireless connectivity that is built right in. According to the vice president of Rogers, Mansell Nelson, “I think people are trying to figure out from an automotive context, or an in-car context, how you make these things relevant to what the person is doing in the car at that time.”

The vehicles manufactured with Sprint Velocity – which is already being deployed in American vehicles but that is now coming to Canada as well – will provide passengers with access to driving directions, vehicle diagnostics, weather alerts, sports scores, and news through the use of a touchscreen built into the dash.

The service also provides in-car internet connectivity for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Rogers explained that it is providing this service in response to the desire of Canadians to “be connected from anywhere, at any time.”

Critics of this technology news have drawn attention to the fact that this could increase driver distractibility. That issue is certain to appear more than once, particularly in areas such as the province of Ontario, where it is illegal to drive with a mobile device in your hand, even if it is turned off.