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Mobile commerce sales boom at Blinkbox

The video streaming service saw a tremendous increase in its smartphone and tablet based revenues.

Throughout the holiday shopping season, Blinkbox – a video streaming service owned by Tesco – experienced a massive increase in its mobile commerce sales, to the point that they were considerably greater than their overall online sales.

The company reports that its sales through smartphones and tablets increased by a massive 674 percent.

That said, including its mobile commerce sales they saw an overall year over year increase in their revenues over the same period ( November 25 through January 5) of 245 percent, when taking all channels into consideration. That said, the increase specifically over mobile devices reflects both effective marketing by the company and rapidly growing interest in these gadgets by consumers, when it comes to consuming streaming video content.

Within the mobile commerce sales category at Blinkbox, it was tablets that truly led the way.

Mobile Commerce Sales - BlinkBoxAs a result of an impressive mobile marketing plan by the company, the largest growth in sales figures was by far over this channel. That said, it was tablets – including the Hudle devices from Tesco, itself – that truly produced the largest share of results. In the three months that led up to Christmas, the company managed to sell 400,000 of their own tablet devices.

Those tablets are sold preloaded with the Blinkbox app. That mobile marketing strategy was certain to have played an important role not only in the number of sales that occurred over mobile devices as a whole, but particularly over tablets. Clearly it was a highly effective strategy, considering the totals that the company was able to achieve during that period.

During that span of time, a very impressive 65 percent of the mobile commerce sales that came in for the Blinkbox video streaming services originated from devices other than laptop and desktop computers. This includes connected TVs, game consoles, set top boxes, and other types of connected device, in addition to tablets and smartphones, of course. This channel has clearly proven itself for the company and it will be interesting to see what direction it chooses to take in order to encourage this growth to continue.

Blinkbox reports major increase in mobile sales

Blinkbox report mobile salesBlinkbox sees business from mobile platforms spike

Blinkbox, a video-on-demand service based in the United Kingdom, has reported that its sales through mobile devices from November to December 2012 jumped 180%. The service is very similar to that of Netflix, but more accommodating to mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. In the United Kingdom, Blinkbox has become a very popular service for mobile consumers, many of whom use the service to watch videos while they are traveling or away from home for any extended period of time.

Tablets and game consoles lead to surge in sales

Blinkbox notes that the surge in mobile sales it has seen recently come from a mix of devices, including smart phones, tablets, and game consoles. While the company attributes a significant amount of success to its appeal to smart phone owners, Blinkbox notes that its recent surge is largely due to the rising availability of tablets and game consoles.

Blinkbox able to beat out competitors

During the 2012 holiday season, Blinkbox saw a major influx of new customers. This is likely due to the fact that many people got tablets and new gaming consoles during this time of year as presents. Blinkbox had also instituted several innovative incentives to help attract new users, many of which were greatly successful. The company notes that was able to beat out competitors because it offered access to many of the most recent movies to be released, whereas Netflix users would have to wait months before gaining access to these titles.

Initiatives prove successful for Blinkbox

Last year, Blinkbox launched the Movie Mondays initiative, which gives users a chance to purchase on-demand videos at a significantly lower rate than usual. Blinkbox has recently announced its partnership with Papa John’s Pizza, which will be providing a large pizza at the same rate as Movie Monday videos. This is another incentive designed to attract new customers, as well as retain those that Blinkbox has already managed to capture.