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BlackBerry names its new COO, Marty Beard

The new chief operations officer had formerly been an exec with Sybase and then at LiveOps.

BlackBerry has now announced that it has recruited a brand new COO, Marty Beard, who had previously been the CEO of the LiveOps cloud customer service company, after having worked as an executive for a stretch at Sybase.

Beard will now be responsible for several areas, including BB10 app development, customer care, and marketing.

The new COO is not the first veteran of Sybase to make his way to BlackBerry. Most notable among the recruitments of that nature was CEO John Chen, himself, who had been the chief executive officer at Sybase before he took the same position, as well as the chairman’s seat, at the Canadian handset manufacturer in November 2013.

BlackBerry has become quite the team of alumni from Sybase, including a number of the top spots in the company.

BlackBerry newsMark Wilson, the senior vice president of marketing, also came to the company from Sybase. He had been the head of corporate and field marketing. Similarly, Eric Johnson is now Global Sales President after having left Sybase where he had worn several hats, such as senior vice president, general manager for North America, and general manager for financial services.

The previous COO at BlackBerry was Kristian Tear. Tear left the company only three weeks after Chen came aboard, as a result of a considerable shakeup of the organization’s management. At the same time that Tear left, Frank Boulben, the chief marketing officer, and Biran Bidulka, the chief financial officer also departed.

Many industry experts are now speculating that the similar backgrounds of the new recruits to the company will be quite handy for Chen as he works to change the aim of the business to place a greater focus on its enterprise customers. The next smartphone – the BlackBerry Passport – which has already been unveiled in its prototype form, has already been making technology news with its unique square 4.5 inch screen and its return to the much beloved QWERTY keyboard. This design is meant to make it easier to view documents such as spreadsheets, which could potentially be quite useful to their primary market.

BlackBerry turns to mobile payments

BlackBerry may find the success it needs in the mobile commerce space

BlackBerry has been having a difficult time finding traction in a changing business environment recently. The BlackBerry platform has been failing to attract consumers for some time, largely due to the difficulties associated with competing with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms. In order to remain somewhat relevant, BlackBerry has been focusing more heavily on enterprise services, but this has only provided the company with a modest degree of success. Now, BlackBerry is turning to mobile payments in order to stay afloat.

EnStream and BlackBerry will work to promote mobile commerce among mobile consumers and banks

BlackBerry has entered into a three-year partnership with EnStream, a mobile commerce firm. Together, the two organizations will form a joint venture that will focus on providing secure financial services to consumers and banks. These services will primarily deal in the transfer of credit card information from a mobile device. EnStream will be using BlackBerry’s backend infrastructure in order to allow banks and other organizations to conduct NFC-based mobile transactions.

Mobile commerce competition is quite fierce and BlackBerry may not be able to keep up

Mobile Payments - BlackberryThe mobile commerce space is currently rife with competition and BlackBerry may find it difficult to keep up with an ever evolving market. There are a large number of mobile commerce firms competition with one another for the attention of consumers, and smaller organizations are being pushed out of the market by their larger counterparts. While BlackBerry has won favor within the enterprise sector, whether or not the platform is suitable for mobile commerce is currently unknown. Enterprise clients may not be willing to use BlackBerry for mobile payments, but other consumers may.

Mobile payments may be BlackBerry’s last and best chance to find success

Mobile commerce may be the last chance for BlackBerry to find success. The company has been facing monumental problems that have been very difficult to overcome in recent years. Without finding some sector in which to thrive, BlackBerry may eventually become something of the past, replaced by other platforms that have managed to find more success with consumers.