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Augmented reality competition launched by Heat magazine

Heat launches new augmented reality initiative to enthrall tech-savvy readers

British entertainment magazine Heat has launched an augmented reality competition that tasks readers to scan British currency for a chance to win even more British currency. The competition was developed alongside Engine Creative, a digital advertising and marketing agency, and will coincide with Heat’s 2012 RIchlist segment, which documents the highest grossing celebrities under 30 in the United Kingdom. Readers are being encourage to scan banknotes for a chance to win as much as $700 in cash from the magazine.

Competition gives readers a chance to win money by scanning money

Readers can scan banknotes using the Heat Extra mobile application. When a banknote is scanned, a digital animation will be triggered on their smart phone or similar mobile device. These animations feature some of Britain’s most famous celebrities, such as Harry Styles and acclaimed singer Adele. After the animations have finished playing, consumers will be provided with details on how to enter for a chance to win cash from the magazine. The augmented reality competition will begin when the nest issue of Heat magazine is published on October 23, 2012.augmented reality contest

Heat and Engine Creative continue producing digital campaigns

Heat and Engine Creative have been working together for some time now. The duo have created numerous digital campaigns in an attempt to reach out to readers becoming more enthralled with mobile technology. Indeed, Heat has been eager to appeal more to mobile consumers due to the fact that these people are forgoing traditional forms of media, such as magazines. Print may be becoming more unpopular, spurring publications to find ways to engage a generation that is no longer interested in static content. Augmented reality could be the key to capturing the attention of these consumers, as it presents publications with a way to provide dynamic content.

Augmented reality successfully engaging tech-savvy audience

Heat has made use of augmented reality in the past, with the help of Engine Creative. The magazine’s use of the technology has been largely well received by readers, especially those who favor their mobile devices over traditional mediums of entertainment. These consumers have been convinced to purchase physical copies of Heat magazine so as to access the digital content that is embedded within its pages.

KISS teams with Aurasma to embrace augmented reality


KISS uses augmented reality for new studio album

Legendary rock band KISS has teamed with Aurasma to bring their latest album Monster to live through augmented reality. The band’s 20th studio album will be its first to feature augmented reality and the content that will be contained within the album will be aimed at providing fans with an engaging experience. KISS fans will be able to see 3D animations developed by the band and Aurasma using their smart phones or other mobile devices.

Technology provides fans with digital content

Augmented reality often garners acclaim for its entertainment potential. The technology can turn nearly any static product into a highly interactive experience through the use of digital displays and dynamic content. Tech-savvy consumers have taken an acute liking to augmented reality and this has not gone unnoticed by KISS. Thus, the band teamed with Aurasma, a leading developer of augmented reality, to present fans with something new.

KISS far from pioneer of augmented reality

KISS suggests that Monster is the first rock album to make use of augmented reality, but this is not the case. Nearly three years ago, Portuguese band Blaster Mechanism released an album featuring augmented reality artwork called Mind At Large. Nonetheless, KAugmented Reality used by rock band KISSISS is eager to promote the augmented reality capabilities of its new album and encourage fans to access this content using the Auramsa mobile application, which is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Band may use augmented reality again in the future

KISS is not the first in the music industry to use augmented reality and it will likely not be the last. The technology has managed to win favor with the music industry because of its potential in marketing and consumer engagement. Consumers have responded well to the augmented reality campaigns that they have been confronted with from the music industry, adding fuel to the proverbial fire. KISS currently has no further plans for augmented reality that it has announced, but if fans show enough support, the band may opt to make use of the technology again in the future.