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Mobile (Augmented Reality) AR market in China 2015 to grow at a CAGR of 109.74% by 2019: Market Research Store

About Mobile AR

AR technology blends digital content with the physical world. It is used to display computer-generated images in a user’s field of vision and provide relevant information about objects in the real world. Mobile AR market in China to grow at a CAGR of 109.74% over the period 2014-2019. It allows the user to scan the physical real world environment and provides an enhanced or augmented experience by adding virtual computer-generated information. End-users can make use of this technology through apps developed for mobile devices.

According to the latest report, shipments of smartphones and tablets in China are expected to reach 730 million units in the next five years. Several vendors are seeking to tap into the augmented reality market in China to capitalize on this strong growth.

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“The growing interest of Chinese consumers in new technology has prompted augmented reality vendors to develop mobile apps for this booming market,”.

The new report also emphasizes crowdfunding, which is expected to be a common venue for augmented reality vendors to raise funds for their projects over the next four years. Crowdfunding not only increases awareness among potential customers, but also encourages new vendors to enter the market, thus increasing the competition and reducing device prices.

“Crowdfunding allows vendors to anticipate the demand for their products, directly communicate with potential buyers and involve them in product development,”

Covered in this Report

This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the mobile AR market in China for the period 2015–2019. It presents the vendor landscape and a corresponding detailed analysis of vendors in the market. The report covers the overall ecosystem of the mobile AR market in China including AR engine, AR software applications, and AR hardware. In addition, the report discusses the major drivers that influence the growth of the mobile AR market in China. It also outlines the challenges faced by the vendors and the market at large, as well as the key trends emerging in the market.

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Key Vendors

• Augmented Pixels
• Aurasma
• Blippar
• Catchoom
• Infinity AR
• Metaio
• Qualcomm
• Total Immersion
• Wikitude
• Zappar

Important Questions Answered in report:-

What will the expected Compound Annual Growth Rate For “Mobile Augmented Reality Market in China”?
What will the Mobile Augmented Reality Market in China size be in 2019?
What is driving this market?
What are the challenges related to Mobile Augmented Reality Market in China growth?
What are the key market trends?
Who are the key vendors in Mobile Augmented Reality Market in China area?
What are the market opportunities?
What are the strengths as well as weaknesses of the key vendors?
Which are the threats faced by the key vendors?

Augmented reality plays important role in Meredith campaign

The mobile marketing effort is being made in the hopes of reaching the Millennials generation.

Augmented reality is a form of technology that is gaining a much higher level of attention, lately, as it is proving its worth in mobile marketing and advertising, particularly in the younger smartphone carrying generation.

As a growing number of companies advertise over mobile, new and interesting methods are needed.

As the competition for attention becomes more intense over mobile, it is taking new and unique approaches to stand out from the crowd. This is especially true among consumers in the Millennials generation, who use their devices the most and are hit with the largest amount of content over that channel. This is why Meredith has decided to use augmented reality.

By choosing augmented reality, Meredith is hoping to stand out to moms in the Millennial generation.

Augmented reality app targeted to momsAccording to the Meredith Parents Network president, Carey Witmer, evp, despite the fact that Millennials have greatly embraced technology, there hasn’t been much of a depletion of the readership of its print publication. Witmer pointed out that “I don’t know anyone who has ditched print altogether,” and she added that “We see a very stable base of print readers.”

The augmented reality feature is not meant to try to replace the print version of the publication, which Meredith Parents Network feels is as strong as ever. Instead, it is showing that it has embraced the changes that have been made in the average lifestyle of many parents, and is offering additional content that reflects that because it is smartphone or tablet compatible.

The Mom+ app has now been available over several weeks to help to enhance the experience for its readers. Witmer declined to say exactly how many downloads it had received, but she did say that she is encouraged to see that a sweepstakes that requires the app saw over 25,000 entries.

This may seem like a small figure, considering that the augmented reality and mobile strategy from Meredith is a scale play, and the publication has a monthly delivery of 36 million consumer touch points, but the app provides important information as Meredith is looking to roll out a similar model for some of its other brands, such as Every Day and Better Homes and Gardens.