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Apple sets focus on retail and mobile payments

Angela Ahrendts helps shape the future of Apple

Technology giant Apple reached the end of the roadmap that Steve Jobs had created to direct the company’s future last year. This roadmap has served as a guideline for several years and has helped the company remain focused on its primary interests, establishing a strong and reliable position in its industry. With the roadmap having reached its end, Apple has been left with limited guidance and has had to find new ways to remain an influential force in its industry. Unfortunately, this involved making some mistakes, but some of these mistakes may be rectified thanks to Angela Ahrendts.

New retail chief has big plans for Apple

Ahrendts was officially hired onto Apple only three weeks ago and now serves as the company’s retail chief. She has a long history of success in serving as CEO for Burberry since 2006. During her time with that company, she was able to increase sales and mitigate losses by a significant margin. As Apple’s new retail chief, Ahrendts is aiming to take the company into a new direction by reshaping its focus on mobile payments and bolstering its presence in foreign markets.

Apple to focus more heavily on mobile payments and the market in China

Focus on Mobile PaymentsUnder Ahrendt’s direction, Apple is set to become much more prolific in China, from a retail standpoint. The company intends to open new Apple Stores throughout the country in an effort to embrace the growing number of consumers that are adopting iOS devices there.  Ahrendt also plans to improve the end-to-end sales experience in all Apple Stores, promoting product discovery, improving customer interactions with employees, and putting a heavier emphasis on mobile payments in general.

Major changes to Apple’s retail structure have already been made

Apple has had some setbacks over the past year that have placed it in a precarious position when it comes to the mobile space. Ahrendt is expected to help the company overcome the problems of its past and enter into a new era of success. She has already made serious changes to the company’s retail ecosystem that have been well received by her fellow executives and the company’s employees.

Burberry begins pushing into the digital space

Burberry mobile commerceBurberry begins evolving to appeal to mobile consumers

Famed British fashion house Burberry is currently undergoing a mobile makeover. The 150-year old company has survived significant challenges and paradigm shifts in its long history and is now feeling the pressure to become more mobile-friendly. More consumers around the world are making use of mobile devices in shopping and other aspects of their daily lives. As such, Burberry and other companies are feeling the need to take steps to continue engaging these consumers.

CEO looks to modernize tradition

Burberry has long clung to tradition, with the company making only modest changes to its approach to an evolving consumer base and its visual appeal over the years. CEO Angela Ahrendts and chief creative officer Christopher Bailey have been working to push the company to new heights in the digital space, with a keen focus on the mobile sector. The need to focus on mobile consumers is clear. According to Ahrendts, more people visit the Burberry website than those walking into the company’s various physical stores all over the world combined.

Burberry embraces mobile commerce

One of the ways Ahrendts is working to modernize Burberry is making updates to the company’s website. The website will receive monthly updates and will offer consumers and expanded array of products. Mobile commerce will be supported through the website, allowing customers to purchase any product they are interested in through the use of their mobile device. The mobile commerce element may eventually find its way into physical Burberry stores in the future in an attempt to make these stores more appealing to tech-savvy consumers.

Mobile commerce becoming the key to engage new generation of consumers

Burberry is not the only company that has been working to stay relevant to a new generation of consumers. This is a trend that is being seen throughout the retail industry. Several companies are turning to mobile commerce as the ideal way to provide consumers with the services they crave. Burberry has targeted mobile commerce as well, but Ahrendts is keen to push the boundaries of the company in order to break into new territory and give consumers more than one reason to continue supporting the company.