India’s first 3D game for mobile devices was launched by the nation’s air force.

In an effort to attract young boys and girls and interest them in pursuing a career in India’s air force, the Indian Air Force (IAF) launched the first phase of its 3D mobile game called “Guardians of the Skies” (GOTS), which puts players front and center in highly realistic air combat scenarios.

The IAF is looking to attract the best of the country’s youth.

Air Marshal S Sukumar said of the event that it is a notable milestone in motivating young people to join the air force and that the IAF want the best youth from future generations. “We are getting the numbers, but we want to attract the best of the boys and the girls to join the Air Force,” he said.

Sukumar stated that he hopes the mobile game will not only help to bring together the top boys and girls among India’s youth and encourage them to take part in the air force, but also to “become great patriotic men and women ready to serve the country in any situation.” The game’s target market is boys and girls aged 14 to 20.

The 3D mobile game will be available on more than one platform.

Guardians of the Skies is currently only available for Android, but Windows and iOS versions are to follow soon. This will enable the free to play game to reach a larger number of mobile users.

Developed by Indian mobile gaming and technology developer, Threye, GOTS is a three dimensional flight simulator game with realistic graphics and air combat situations. During the game, the player is a pilot and is seated in a fighter jet or a combat helicopter. The game’s storyline involves the IAF taking part in a defense mission against a fake nation called “Zaruzia”. This fictitious country is unstable politically and economically and has undergone a military coup. It has problems that are coincidentally not unlike Pakistan’s.

Although the storyline is not real, it was designed to provide players with the thrill of what the air force experiences on a daily basis. At present, the IFA mobile game only includes a single training mission and two campaign missions. A second phase for the game is set to be launch on October 8th, which will likely include eight additional campaign missions.