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Chillingo and Samsung join forces to support mobile games

Mobile Games Samsung and Chillingo partnershipMobile games developers may benefit from new publishing platform

Chillingo, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts that publishes mobile games, has announced its partnership with Samsung this week. The two companies will work together to provide new tools to the mobile games developer community, helping them find the success they crave in a highly competitive industry. Samsung has been showing very strong interest in mobile games recently, backing several initiatives designed to provide better services to independent developers around the world. Electronic Arts also holds an acute interest in mobile games because of the vast potential that can be found throughout the burgeoning market.

Platform offers 100% revenue shares for mobile games developers

Together, Chillingo and Samsung will work to develop a new platform for mobile games developers that will offer them unparalleled revenue opportunities. This platform is called 100% Indie and acts as a community hub where developers can share they games, which are then made widely available to Samsung customers. The new platform will be opened to developers beginning March 4, and will offer them 100% of the revenue they generate through the mobile games that they sell through the platform for the first six months that they are active.

Independent developers receive strong support from consumers

The platform offers higher revenue opportunities for developers than any other platform of its kind in the world. Chillingo believes that the mobile games market is filled with promising developers that often struggle to find the success they need in order to be stable. Many developers are unable to compete with studios that have the backing of large publishers, such as Electronic Arts, but many consumers have fallen in love with the so called “indie” scene, where games are produced and published by their developers rather than through large corporations.

Chillingo expects to see success through new platform

After the first six months a game has been on the 100% India platform, the revenue share that developers have access to will drop. This drop will continue in modest fashion until March 2015, when it will come more in line with the revenue shares offered by other platforms. Chillingo believes that the platform will help expose consumers to very promising mobile games from new developers.

Samsung takes on mobile games

Mobile Games Samsung EA partnershipSamsung and EA team to push mobile games forward

Game industry giant Electronic Arts (EA) has teamed with Samsung Electronics to makes progress in the mobile games space. Samsung recently launched its own applications store to rival that of its long-time competitor Apple. The store is still in a fledgling state, but offers a wide variety of applications to consumers using Samsung mobile devices. The company has become heavily interested in mobile games and has been working to bring in more gaming applications to its new store, which has presented Electronic Arts with a very promising opportunity.

100% Indie initiative may attract developers to Samsung platform

EA and Samsung have teamed to launched the 100% Indie initiative, which is meant to attract developers of mobile games to the new Samsung app store. The initiative will provide developers with 100% of the revenue their mobile games generate through Samsung’s platform for their first six months, higher than the typical 30% developers usually get from other platforms. The initiative is scheduled to launch on March 4, 2013.

Higher revenue shares could be very alluring to developers

After the six month period had expired, developers with mobile games on the Samsung platform will give 10% of the revenue their games produce from that point forward to the company, keeping the rest for themselves. The following year, Samsung’s share rises to 20%, with the company’s share capping at 30% after two years. Samsung believes that developers being able to keep a higher share of their revenue, especially during the first six months of the launch of a new game, could be very lucrative to innovative and ambitious independent developers.

Samsung shows strong interest in mobile games publishing

Samsung recently overtook competitor Apple as the world’s largest smart phone seller. With the help of EA, the company may soon establish itself as a leader in the realm of mobile games. While Samsung will not focus on developing mobile games itself, it has a strong interest in acting as a publisher for such games. EA has extensive experience in this field, as the company is one of the largest publishers in the game industry currently.