Study highlights the growing potential of mobile search

Mobile Search StudyMobile search highlighted in new study from Google

Google has teamed with Nielsen, a leading market research firm, to release the results of a new study that the two parties have been conducting for some time. The study highlights the amount of time that consumers devote to searches on their mobile devices. With the growing prominence of mobile commerce, mobile search is gaining more attention and understanding how consumers are using their time to search could be a major benefit to companies  that want to engage mobile consumers.

Consumers searching for products from their mobile device

According to the study, 55% of the time consumers spend on mobile searches is to find a product to purchase. The study shows that within an hour of when consumers find a product they are interested in, they will purchase that product directly from their mobile device. The study also shows that 45% of mobile searches are conducted in order to help a consumer make a purchase decision. One of the more interesting discoveries highlighted by the study is that nearly two-thirds of consumers actually conduct mobile searches while in a store.


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In-store searchers are common

Many analysts suggest that mobile technology and the ability to purchase products from a mobile device is causing consumers to avoid traditional brick-and-mortar stores. The study shows that consumers till favor visiting stores for products, but shows that more people are relying on their mobile devices for product research. These devices, which enjoy a constant connection to the Internet, are ideal research tools as they allow consumers to find a wealth of information concerning a particular product or the brand associated with that product.

Mobile search may be a promising opportunity for advertisers

While the study shows that mobile searches do occur in stores, consumers are more likely to search for products on their mobile device while they are at home or at work. The popularity of mobile search could be a major opportunity for advertisers that are looking to engage mobile consumers. The study suggests that consumers participating in mobile search are inclined to follow advertisements that they find on websites and search engines while trying to find certain products.

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