Stori may be the next big location-based application

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Stori location-based mobile appEntrepreneurs come together to introduce Stori

A small group of entrepreneurs from Colorado Springs, Colorado, have been working on developing a new smart phone application that offers location-based services. The application is billed by the group as being the “Wikipedia for locations.” The application, called Stori, is designed to allow users to post photos, video, and other content to specific locations in order to document their experiences. These experiences can then be accessed by anyone that uses the mobile application.

Stori aims to begin public tests this year

The entrepreneurs — Dan MacFadyen, Justin Lukasavige, Taylor Holmes, and Justin Bergen — founded Stori in order to develop the application, which shares the same name as its developer. The location-based, social media application is expected to begin public testing in late February. Stori currently aims to attract some 600,000 users by the end of 2013. Stori also aims to raise more than $500,000 from angel investors in order to aid in the development process and pay salaries for the development and marketing staff. The project is currently being funded in its entirety by the small group of entrepreneurs that founded it.

Location-based applications gaining ground with consumers

Location-based applications have become widely popular with consumers. Many people have shown interest in using social media platforms to check-in to locations and share their experiences with their friends. Stori may be another way to do this, as it provides people to visit locations and witness the experiences people have had there. In this regard, the video content supported by Stori is likely to be the most successful.

Stori to connect with Google Places and Facebook

Once launched, the Stori application will be connected to the Google Places service. This will enable the application to tap into a vast reserve of location-based information. The application will be able to import and export content to social networking platforms. Users will be able to delay their posts for a certain number of hours for security purposes.

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