Spending on mobile games reaches all-time high in the US

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Mobile Games RevenueMobile games continue to flex their financial might

It is no secret that mobile games have become a very lucrative part of the game industry as a whole. While the rise of mobile games and the success they have found throughout the world may have come as something of a surprise, the game industry has been placing a great deal of emphasis on these games due to the financial gains that many companies in the mobile space have seen in this sector. The financial aspects of mobile games can, at times, be somewhat vague, but SuperData, a metrics tracking firm, has released a new report that highlights the money that consumers are actually spending on these games.

Report shows the progress mobile games are making in terms of revenue

According to the report from SuperData, the average amount of money that consumers in the U.S. are spending on mobile games has reached an all-time high. The report shows that consumers are spending an average of $12 on mobile games. While this may not seem like a significant amount of money, this represents millions of dollars worth of revenue for developers and publishers, most of which comes from in-game transactions and not from the actual sale of mobile titles. The report does show that there has been some decline in this sector, but mobile games are producing $842 million in revenue, on average, through sales alone every month.

Free-to-play games becoming more popular

The report shows that free-to-play mobile games are the most popular among consumers. Consumers do not need to pay an initial fee in order to acquire these games, making them widely available to a broad range of consumers. These games typically include in-game purchases that provide players with some bonus or opportunity to access new content. Free-to-play games are not only popular in the mobile space, of course, as the report shows that they are also gaining traction in other parts of the game industry.

Game industry beginning to go mobile

Mobile games are well on their way to becoming one of the most lucrative sectors of the game industry. If consumers continue to show strong interest in these games, the game industry is likely to continue to put more focus on the mobile sector. Several developers that had traditionally been solely focused on console gaming have already begun embracing the mobile space.

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