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Leading American Network Security Platform to Launch Into ANZ

London, United Kingdom, February 19, 2019 –(– SentryWire, the network security platform employed by America’s big businesses, government institutions, the military and NASA is being launched into Australia and New Zealand by Axim.

“There are a million cybersecurity solutions these days, but few confront the killer threat: the 200+ days it takes to detect and respond to a data breach,” says Andrew Rufener, Axim’s Chief Product Officer. “It’s costing organisations millions and that’s before corporate reputational loss and non-compliance fines kick in.”

SentryWire solves this by reinventing full network packet capture. “Think of it as CCTV of your network,” says Philip Hayes, Axim’s newly installed Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand. “It captures 100% of network history, logs and stores hundreds of days of data, and can search it all in minutes.”

What does it mean? “High speed security forensics,” adds Andrew Rufener, “customers will know if their data has been breached a lot faster, and organisations will not pay so heavily for non-compliance” – referencing the slew of recent fines for non-compliance with data privacy regulation. “We’ve all heard the war stories of the big breaches and the red faces at not being able to adequately explain exactly what has happened, SentryWire eliminates this.”

SentryWire is ahead of the curve. More businesses are recognising the potential of full packet capture to provide conclusive evidence of what’s going-on inside their network. “Being able to reconstruct network events packet-by-packet, keystroke-by-keystroke is providing many US organisations with enormous confidence and certainty, especially when an organisation is trying to understand and contain a network breach at speed,” says Philip Hayes.

Why has Axim prioritised Australia and New Zealand in its global roll-out? Axim’s Country Manager was unequivocal: “ANZ is already embracing full network packet capture and the response levels to our test marketing were strong. It made Australia and New Zealand a no brainer.” SentryWire will be the first in a series of new products Axim intends to bring to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

SentryWire’s technical highlights

SentryWire cost-effectively captures, stores and analyses all network packets at speeds up to 100 Gbps, retaining data for months and even years. And because it can process petabytes of captured network data, SentryWire delivers real-time analytics and intrusion detection and prevention. It adds up to more effective threat intelligence and threat analysis as well as more effective post incident and forensic analysis. Then there’s a unique architecture that gives SentryWire unprecedented scalability across multiple physical locations. It also provides an open platform wide range of integration options, so customers can continue to use their existing security tools.

SentryWire comes in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit most customer scenarios. For more information visit:

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VIVE Network Chooses Tulix for UHD HDR Delivery

Atlanta, GA, February 19, 2019 –(– Tulix has today announced a deal with VIVE Network that will see Tulix distribute VIVE’s live sports events in UHD HDR across multiple platforms. As part of the deal, Tulix has designed and implemented a complete OTT streaming workflow for VIVE, including a suite of applications that are available on all major devices.

VIVE Network aims to fill the UHD entertainment void by democratizing the production, distribution, and monetization of live UHD HDR content, such as niche sports with massive fan bases, thereby addressing the demand of multimillions of UHD viewers worldwide. VIVE and Tulix have developed a workflow that eliminates the need for satellite trucks, therefore allowing for a small footprint at venues and backhauling to a central studio that packages and prepares streams for distribution in real time to all devices globally. The complicated workflow designed, simplified and implemented by Tulix includes distribution via the Tulix MultiCDN.

“This was a very interesting and challenging project for us. It involved coordinating with some of the most prominent encoding, mobile, and TV providers in the world and has given us the chance us to work with cutting edge technologies,” says Tulix CEO George Bokuchava. “We started with HDR 10 of the HDR standard and quickly progressed to HDR Dolby vision and HDR HLG to cover all UHD HDR standards. Our knowledge of streaming technologies has allowed us to achieve the desired results for VIVE. The significant progress and milestones we have achieved has given us a great impulse to do even more cutting edge technologies, including 8K HDR standards in the near future.”

“We are tremendously grateful to George [Bokuchava], Nino [Doijashvili] and their team for seeing the vision and the need for this broadcasting breakthrough. We never could have gotten this project off the ground without them,” says John Jacaman, VIVE Network Founder.

The first event will be the WBC World Youth Lightweight Title fight between Ortiz and Quiroz on February 23rd, with the undercard starting from 7pm EST. Additional event details, account registration and tickets to watch the event in UHD HDR or HD HDR are available at for the “Early Bird” price of $14.99 (USD) until midnight Friday, February 22, 2019, after which time the price will increase to $19.99 (USD). Download the app in the Google Play Store, Apple iOS and tvOS App Stores, Roku Channel Store, or other app store ecosystems by searching “VIVE 4K TV.”

About Tulix

Tulix is a streaming technology incubator that supports innovators, investors, and enterprises by providing guidance and resources on; strategy, infrastructure, technology, and business models across the whole streaming eco-system. Tulix provides complete 360° managed streaming solutions from its data centers in the United States and Europe. The company operates its own streaming-optimized CDN.

About VIVE Network

VIVE is a UHD HDR digital linear TV network and live event platform as a service for third-party content creators available globally on every screen in every format. The network comprises niche channels offering original lifestyle television series and programs, as well as live sports and concerts.

As a pioneer of the TV Revolution and UHD Initiative, VIVE’s mission is to facilitate the creation, proliferation, and monetization of UHD HDR entertainment to address the domain of the multi-millions of viewers around the globe, and in doing so, establishing the network as the ultimate UHD entertainment destination.

Contact Information:
Tulix Systems
Adam Lowe
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