Clever Coding Introduces Emergency Management for the Digital Age

Lehi, UT, June 26, 2020 –(– Emergency Management for the Digital Age

Taking Emergency Management to the next level

· Allows Emergency Agencies to migrate their plans to a mobile app
· Mobile tool for end uses to access vital local emergency information
· Built in emergency preparation guides

Clever Coding has recently launched their latest product, the Emergency Ready App. With the evolving coronavirus pandemic and natural disasters becoming more and more prevalent they hope this product can help prepare people for the unknown. The Emergency Ready App is an all-inclusive emergency preparedness app. The app comes fully functional and serves as a tool to assist people with preparing and dealing with almost any emergency. Emergency Management Agencies can also migrate their local information and emergency contacts to the Emergency Ready App and provide their citizens with the emergency information they need for the exact area they live. After receiving the local information and logo designs from the agencies the team at Clever Coding can build their custom emergency management app and have it ready for download on the App Store in a matter of days.

Research has proven that most emergency management agencies and employers do an good job with documenting and listing their local emergency plans and local contacts but nearly all of the vital information they so painstakingly prepared is located on traditional websites. Many times the information is spread across multiple websites making navigating to a desired destination difficult for users. Not exactly convenient during an emergency event right?

With over 72% of Americans utilizing their smart phones over computers to access information, the team at Clever Coding feels that its only logical to have a mobile application that will allow users to get their customized emergency information on their smart phones. Sure, people can access websites with their smart phones, but the formatting is not always optimal making it less convenient to access. Clever Coding believes they have solved these issues with the Emergency Ready App. They are proud to be able to assist with this great cause and love working with the men and women that prepare, protect and serve. For more information about Clever Coding and the Emergency Ready App visit

Clever Coding LLC is an app development company focused on Native IOS Apps, Native Android Apps, Highly Responsive – Light Weight – Scalable Cloud API’s and React Web Apps. We are dedicated to delivering high quality apps that are built to scale from the ground up using industry standards.

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Survey: 39% of Live Sports Viewers Have Interest in Virtual Watch Parties

San Jose, CA, June 25, 2020 –(– While personal screens, time-shifted viewing and online video algorithms support solitary TV, the data reveals an opening for TV providers to nurture a new source of value — shared TV viewing experiences.

For all video and TV viewers surveyed, 26% were interested in the ability to watch TV simultaneously with others, while distanced. That number rises to 39% amongst those with Live Sports as a primary TV viewing habit. The survey found strong feature-level interest in the ability to engage in a two-screen user experience; and the ability to have private, secure group sharing experiences.

The explosion of personal screens, online video, time-shifted viewing and self-reinforcing personalization algorithms has led to a decline in appointment TV and a rise in solitary viewing.

Pre-COVID, this decline of socially oriented TV left an opening for TV providers to build a new and differentiated source of value – the shared TV viewing experience. In response, a small group of innovators dedicated themselves to building better shared TV. That included, acquired by Minerva last Fall.

During COVID-19, we have also seen others react to this social deficit that can be helped with innovative TV. Hulu is a recent example, having launched a Watch Party test feature on June 11, 2020.

As we look to the return of sports in an at-home, socially distanced economy, Minerva decided to sponsor Ring Digital’s June 2020 edition of the #FutureOfTV Survey in order to gather more data about what consumers want in their social and shared TV viewing experiences.

The report, titled “Watch Together: Is the Future of TV Solitary or Social?” is based on a consumer survey of 1,101 video & TV viewers. Detailed methodology is included with the report.

Selected highlights from the survey include:
— 39% Top 2 Box interest in social viewing amongst Live Sports viewers
— 26% Baseline Top 2 Box interest in social viewing amongst all viewers
— Feature-level demand for social viewing was further indicated by these data points:
– 39% Want high quality audio & video. We interpret that as “they want it to work.”
– 30% Want private, secure group sharing features versus 15% that selected public social media sharing
– 28% Want two-screen experiences, with the ability to view TV and chat on their mobile device
— Also, among users with interest in live sports, 44% selected the ability to virtually “Cheer” as a feature of greatest interest; Chatting with gifs, emojis and polls was next with 33%; and Sports Betting / Fantasy Sports Contests ranked third at 28%.

The full, free report also contains additional insights and commentary on what consumers want in a best-in-class TV user experience. It is available for free as an eBook download, here:
“Our mission is to power the best video services for consumers to discover and enjoy the best content, either on their own or together with the people they love. As sporting events return, the survey results suggest our new Watch Together service has largely hit the mark,” says Fabrizio Capobianco, Chief Innovation Officer at Minerva Networks. “These survey results strengthen our commitment to enabling a new TV service that addresses the needs of a wide variety of consumers and viewing habits.”

In addition to downloading the report, you can learn more about how social viewing technologies can open new TV service possibilities by attending a live webinar, titled “Watch Together While Apart: Sports Fandom TV, COVID-style,” scheduled for Thursday July 23, 2020 at 11:00 am PST.

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