Apple may stay competitive in mobile commerce with Passbook

Apple turns away from NFC technology in pursuit of alternatives

Much of mobile commerce revolves around the use of NFC technology. The technology has proven itself useful in facilitating mobile transactions, but has also been the target of criticism because of its perceived security faults. Some of the potential problems that can be found with NFC technology were reason enough for Apple to abandon NFC in pursuit of alternatives. Apple received harsh criticism for its decision to not include NFC technology with the new iPhone 5, but the company may still have a trick up its sleeve concerning mobile commerce.

Passbook provides consumers with services concerning aspects beyond mobile transactions

Mobile commerce is often conceptualized simply as the payment for goods or services using a mobile device. There are many facets to the world of mobile commerce, however, some of which are embodied by Apple’s Passbook. Passbook is a mobile application that was introduced with iOS 6, Apple’s latest operating system. The application allows consumers to receive, manage, and use special offers they receive from retailers and loyalty programs.

Passbook proves popular with businesses and consumersApple Passbook

Passbook has already proven to be popular with consumers and businesses alike. Though the application cannot facilitate mobile payments, it can foster a connection between consumers and businesses and address some of the less-known aspects of mobile commerce. Indeed, Passbook is part of Apple’s new approach to mobile commerce and may be one of the company’s strongest weapons when it eventually confronts large names in the rapidly growing industry.

Apple unable to compete with Google and Isis until alternative to NFC technology found

Apple has adopted a slow and steady approach to mobile commerce that has cost it a strong position in the industry today. Because the company has chosen to forgo the use of NFC technology, it is unable to compete with Google and Isis. Though Passbook ensures that Apple retains a modest presence in the mobile commerce industry, the company will not be able to compete at the same level as Google and Isis until it can find a way to facilitate mobile transactions that does not rely on NFC technology.

The Big Issue In The North sold using QR codes

 The Big Issue In The North adopts new sales model to help homeless street vendors

The Big Issue In The North is a magazine in the United Kingdom with a business model that stands out. The magazine is sold in a traditional fashion, but not by vendors that own and operate newsstands. The Big Issue In the North is sold throughout the United Kingdom by homeless street vendors who rely on the jobs provided by the magazine for a steady income. The magazine recently announced that it will be launching a digital edition, which could threaten the sales of many of its homeless vendors.

INSP turns to QR codes to keep vendors in the loop

More magazines are opting to go digital as a way to keep up with the changing interests of consumers. Many of these magazines have been struggling to cope with the advent of mobile technology, with some faring far better than others. The Big Issue In The North believes that the time is right to make the transition from physical media to digital, but is unwilling to shirk its responsibility to the country’s homeless community. As such, the International Network of Street Papers (INSP), the non-profit group that owns and operates the magazine, is taking steps to ensure that homeless street vendors have a chance to continue working.The Big Issue In The North QR Code

QR codes used to sell magazines in the UK

The non-profit group has turned to QR codes in order to solve this problem. The digital edition of The Big Issue In The North will begin being sold on October 29 and can be purchased through the scanning of a QR code. In this way, INSP believes that street vendors will still be able to make a modest living through sales of The Big Issue In The North.

INSP slates pilot project for magazine in US

QR codes are well known as effective marketing tools and have been used to engage a wide range of consumers around the world. INSP, which owns and operates publications in several countries, is planning a pilot project of another one of its magazines — StreetWise — in Chicago using the same sales method as it is using in the UK.