Neolane introduces updates to social media marketing platform

Neolane Social Media MarketingNeolane enhances SoLoMo

Neolane, a provider of conversational marketing technology, has announced improvements to its Neolane Social Marketing platform, called SoLoMo. The enhancements include better functionality with social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, and provide users with more robust geolocation features. Geolocation has become a very important part of marketing, especially in the social media space, because geographic information can help marketers target specific demographics with campaigns that are suited for those groups.

Updates give marketers access to Facebook’s Open Graph

Updates to the SoLoMo platform will allow marketers using it to take advantage of Facebook’s Open Graph, which is designed to collect real time consumer information and integrate it directly into a marketing database. Neolan believes that the ability to use Open Graph will provide marketers with more capabilities to connect with consumers in a more meaningful way. Open Graph manages to avoid some of the privacy concerns that consumers have by informing these consumers that their information is being collected for marketing purposes. Facebook users have the ability to opt out of this process.

Geolocation continues to gain value with marketers

Geolocation marketing is very valuable to advertisers throughout the marketing industry. The advent of mobile technology made it easier for advertisers to acquire the geographic information from consumers that they crave. Sites like Foursquare and Facebook  provide users with the ability to “check in” to locations they visit. This information allows advertisers to develop marketing campaigns that are suited to a consumer’s geographic location and preferences. The Neolane marketing platform is being put on track to provide marketers with more robust capabilities to take advantage of this growing trend.

Mobile marketing presents opportunities for advertisers

Mobile marketing has become vitally important to businesses in the modern age. A huge number of consumers have access to mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. These consumers rely heavily on these devices in their daily lives, presenting an ideal opportunity for marketers to establish a constant connection with consumers.

Geolocation application experiences massive user growth

Geolocation growthLife360 has announced that it already has 25 million members and that is rapidly rising.

A geolocation app for smartphones called Life360 has been designed to allow families to be able to monitor the locations of their members, has announced that it predicts that it will have broken the 25 million registered user mark by the end of 2012.

This will mean that the company will become serious competition for the wider known Foursquare.

In fact, Foursqure, though it may be much higher profile, just passed the 25 million user mark in September 2012. That company is also based on a geolocation application. Both of those businesses first opened in 2008, but while Foursquare was able to raise more than $71 million, Life360 was only able to raise $6.85 million.

The Life360 chief exec is now predicting that its geolocation app will surpass the competition.

Chris Hulls, the chief executive of Life360 has announced that he believes that his geolocation app will have passed the audience size of Foursquare within the next couple of months. He has justified his prediction by saying that his company is experiencing a far higher growth rate than the competition. That said, he didn’t share any specific figures regarding the growth rates of either company.

Hulls also declined to reveal how many of his geolocation app’s registered members are actually regular users who are actively using the service. The most specific statement that he would provide was that it was a “pretty high ratio”.

In a phone conversation, Hulls explained that “We’ve really hit an inflection point in the company in terms of the family network going digital. We want to be the company that really owns your family life on the phone.”

The company used a new press release to announce this new membership milestone and, at the same time, launched a new brightly colored website branding style. Furthermore, it also announced that two new features would be added to its geolocation app. These are designed to help tech savvy parents to achieve greater piece of mind. They include “geofencing” through its Places feature, and map view crime data.