Branding Brand gears for growth in mobile commerce and retail


Branding Brand sees a future where retailers have a stronger mobile presence

Branding Brand, an interactive markmobile commerce shoppingeting agency that specializes in building mobile shopping websites and applications have been making waves in the realm of mobile commerce. The company has developed mobile shopping sites for some of the largest retailers in the world, including Costco and Ralph Lauren. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, retailers may need to consider adopting a stance that is more friendly to mobile consumers and Branding Brad may be able to help in this endeavor.

Holiday season highlights potential in mobile commerce

The holiday season is an important time for retailers. Retailers often go to extremes to reach out to consumers during this time of year. With more consumers becoming dependent on their mobile devices, retailers are being pressured to find new ways to appeal to these consumers. Branding Brand has been seeing growing demand coming from retailers keen on reaching out to mobile consumers and the company is working on sustaining the growth it is beginning to see.

Branding Brand preparing for growth in demand from retailers

Recently, Branding Brand acquired Jeff Hennion, former marketing executive from General Nutrition Centers Inc. and Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc. Hennion was assigned the position of president, which quickly garnered Branding Brand $7.5 million in its first outside investments. The company envisions the whole of the retail industry becoming more mobile and is poised to become a leading authority in helping companies establish a strong presence in terms of mobile and social commerce.

Mobile commerce continues to gain ground amongst consumers

Mobile commerce is gaining ground around the world. A recent survey from suggests that approximately 16% of 2,500 consumers surveyed will purchase products online this  year, up from the 13% that did so in 2011. The growth of mobile commerce is backed by interest from consumers who are enthralled with the concept of paying for goods and services using only their smart phones or other mobile devices.

QR codes to replace train tickets in the Ukraine


qr codes ukraine train ticketsQR codes will be used as electronic train tickets beginning December 25

Ukrainian consumers will soon be able to use electronic tickets to board public transportation trains around the country. Beginning December 25, consumers will no longer have to carry physical tickets, if they have a smart phone. Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Infrastructure Borys Kolesnikov has announced that QR codes will be a replacement for traditional tickets that have long been used as part of the public transportation system. These codes will be accepted by the Intercity+Ukrainian Express.

Codes continue to gain popularity in marketing and commerce

QR codes have become a popular tool in numerous industries. They are considered valuable because they can provide consumers with access to information and digital content. QR codes have been particularly popular in mobile marketing because of this. The codes have been used sparingly in mobile commerce, where they can be used to link consumers to web-based payment platforms so they can purchase goods.

Consumers can present electronic tickets to train conductors, or simply print out codes

Beginning December 25, consumers with smart phones in the Ukraine will be able to purchase train tickets through the Internet. These tickets will not have to be printed. Instead, consumers will be able to save a QR code that is generated just for them. This code will represent the information connected to the ticket. Train conductors can verify that these tickets are valid through the use of a mobile access control terminal, which will be able to decipher the information contained within the codes. Those without smart phones can simply print out the QR codes as necessary.

QR codes expected to make transportation system more convenient

Vice Prime Minister Kolesnikov believes that the codes will help make the public transportation system more convenient for tech-savvy Ukrainians. QR codes represent an affordable way to issue tickets to those that rely on the public transportation system. More consumers are also growing dependent on their mobile devices, thus raising the demand for QR codes and other mobile services that will help improve quality of life.