Moms with young children are important m-commerce shoppers

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Much of the future of smartphone based shopping may be designed to cater to this demographic.

The growing number of highly convenient options that are available through m-commerce are starting to become exceptionally appealing to moms, particularly those with very young children and who are struggling to keep up with a hectic schedule.

Retailers that are especially focused on that demographic are starting to make changes to appeal to them.

Among those retailers is They are currently changing the way that they do business in order to cater to the new m-commerce environment that has become highly popular among their top demographic – moms with babies and toddlers. These retailers are discovering that moms have their smartphones with them no matter where they are and those devices are becoming their go-to option to investigate products, find pictures of rashes to try to identify what is on their baby’s skin, or watching videos to help them to get a cloth diaper technique down-pat.

They are texting pictures to proud grandparents and are using m-commerce to do their shopping.

m-commerce shoppers - momsThis has led not only to the convenience of being able to order whatever products they discover that they need, whenever they need it, but research has also shown that when they are overtired, they are also making some rather interesting impulse purchases.

According to the senior vice president of marketing and business development, Michal Geller, “Moms send us stories all the time of nursing her baby at 3 a.m., realizing she’s almost out of diapers or some other essential, placing an order with us through our app, and having the package show up at her door later that day.” Geller added that “Same-day delivery is a game-changer for busy moms,” which is supported by research that has indicated that the diaper market, all on its own, will reach $52 billion worldwide over the next two years.

Though the majority of consumers enjoy taking on mobile shopping at a slower, gradual pace, moms have already established themselves as a considerable demographic that are using this channel on a regular basis to research their purchases, and often to make them, as well.

TechCrunch numbers suggested that m-commerce made up only 1 percent of the complete retail market space in the United States, last year. That said, about half of all purchases were made from smartphones or tablets. That, according to Geller, represents a spike of 25 percent over 2013.

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