Mobile technology rift looms as Intel looks to enter the fray

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Intel Mobile TechnologyIntel looking to take a swing at mobile technology

The world of mobile technology may soon become more complicated as Intel looks to enter into the mobile space. Intel is the world’s leading producer of chips for PCs, with virtually every PC in the world equipped with some form of processor developed by Intel. Intel recently announced that it is beginning to develop chips for mobile devices, looking to expand its portfolio and become more dominant in the world of mobile technology. Intel’s endeavors have set it on a crash course with Qualcomm, the leading producer of chips for mobile devices.

Qualcomm may soon have serious competition in mobile chipsets

Qualcomm has been the leader in mobile chip development for some time. The company’s chips can be found in the vast majority of smartphones and tablets. Intel has taken note of the growing popularity of mobile technology, coming to expect that smartphones and tablets may one day replace PCs. In order to retain its strong presence in the world of computing, Intel is developing a new line of chips for such devices, but this endeavor may cause a rift throughout mobile technology.

New chipset could make cross-platform development difficult

For years, developers of mobile applications and hardware have benefitted from the fact that Qualcomm owns a majority share of the mobile technology market. The company’s chips allow for synergy between all mobile devices, making it easier for developers to create cross-platform software. Intel’s entry into the mobile technology field may create some problems for developers in the future. Because there will be obvious differences between the chips that Intel and Qualcomm develop, developers and mobile device makers will have to adopt, creating software and devices that are based on the respective chips coming from each company.

Intel mobile chips may cause rift in mobile technology

Intel’s presence in the world of mobile technology could put an end to rampant cross-platform development. Last year, Intel launched its first mobile chipset, but it received some criticism due to lackluster performance. Intel is currently working to make chips that are more capable of meeting the demands of modern technology and consumers. Intel plans to launch a new chipset relatively soon, which means that the day is coming when consumers will have to question whether their favorite mobile applications will actually work on a new smartphone or tablet that makes use of Intel chips.

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