Mobile payments security attracts attention of federal agency

Mobile Security FTCSecurity of mobile payments questioned by FTC

Mobile payments are becoming all the rage around the world, but there are major security concerns  that have been gaining more attention in some countries. Mobile commerce is on the rise in the U.S., and while that means more consumers are becoming acclimated to mobile payments, it also means that malicious parties are beginning to target these consumers. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has released a new report highlighting the potential  threats that exist in the competitive world of mobile payments.

Report highlights threats of the mobile world

The report, entitled “Paper, Plastic, or Mobile?,” sheds light on the issue of mobile payments fraud in the U.S. The Federal Trade Commission has drawn upon the vast amount of information it has received from companies and organizations heavily invested in the mobile commerce industry for the report. The report also contains the concerns that consumers have raised over the issue of mobile security and commerce, with fraud and identity theft being among the most worrisome of issues.

Security lax when it comes to mobile commerce

The report notes that the concept of mobile payments has been a very attractive prospect for years. Despite the anticipation surrounding mobile payments, however, relatively little has been done to ensure the security of mobile commerce. The Federal Trade Commission suggests that there are various ways in which a consumer’s financial information can be stolen and exploited and that some of the security issues that consumers face are inherent in many of the most popular mobile commerce platforms.

Credit cards considered most secure option for consumers

While the report suggests that mobile payments are very effective for purposes such as bill payments and shopping, the Federal Trade Commission remains unconvinced that mobile devices like smartphones and tablets provide enough security to make mobile payments feasible. The agency claims that credit cards offer the strongest security for consumers, especially when it comes to the matter of fraud.

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