Mobile payments firm acquires in India

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Paytm could improve its standing in the mobile payments space through latest acquisition

Paytm, India’s largest mobile payments firm, has announced the successful acquisition of, a local services startup. Paytm acquired the company for $2 million and believes that the acquisition will improve the company’s already considerably strong position in the mobile commerce space. is capable of connecting consumers in four of India’s large cities with various verified businesses, ranging from home repair companies to fortune tellers. Paytm believes that the services provided by will ensure more consumers are exposed to mobile payments.

Paytm is finding significant success in the mobile space

Paytm has raised some $700 million in funding from a wide range of investors, including China’s Alibaba, which has also established a major lead in the mobile payments space. Paytm processes more than 100 million online transactions every month and has begun expanding its business operations in order to connect with more consumers living in India. Mobile payments are becoming a powerful force in India’s retail space, with more companies looking to engage the growing number of mobile consumers in the country.

Firm is working with numerous companies to make mobile payments more accessible

Mobile Payments AcquisitionIn the past two months, Paytm has been making investments in various companies in order to make mobile payments more accessible. The company has invested in Jugnoo, a startup that makes use of rickshaws to make deliveries to consumers. Paytm is also working with BookMyShow and Zomato in order to support services like food deliveries and restaurant reservations. These services are available to mobile consumers, who can use their devices to make mobile payments.

Paytm will have to overcome security challenges to ensure the success of mobile payments

Paytm is expected to see more success in the mobile payments space as it begins working with a wider range of businesses. The demand for mobile payments services is growing quickly and Paytm is ideally suited to address the needs of mobile consumers. One of the challenges the company will have to overcome to ensure continued success, however, is security. Mobile payments has become rife with fraud, which has left many consumers exposed to exploitation.

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