Mobile marketing now used by 64 percent of top 1,000 brands

The channel has become an important area for advertising across many different sectors.

A recent report from Competitrack has revealed a considerable amount of new insight about mobile marketing and its popularity among not only the largest industry giants, but also the rest of the leading brands in the country.

The study looked into the advertising trends among the leaders of the environment of the American marketer.

They also determined that among the top 100 advertisers in the United States, 94 percent were enhancing their overall advertising by including mobile marketing of some form in the mix during the last year. The report from Competitrack also showed that among those who were using smartphone and tablet targeted channels, all had run an ad within the last nine months.

The report also indicated that mobile marketing is being used by the majority of the popular brands.

Mobile Marketing - Creative Mobile AdsWhile it is important to note that the behemoth brands including Toyota, Google, and Amazon were using mobile marketing, it was also noted that 64 percent of the leading one thousand brands were also using advertising over this channel during that same period of time. This is a clear indicator that the method is not simply exclusive to the companies that are the largest in size.

The report also pointed out the importance that mobile marketing has brought to creativity in advertising. It indicated that 85 percent of creatives from their sample had been developed specifically for the smartphone and/or tablet channels and were not simply remanufactured ads that had originally been designed for other areas. Unique content is a high priority in mobile.

The report identified the leaders in mobile marketing based on the number of unique creative ads that they were running. They included: Google, Amazon, Toyota, Verizon, Microsoft, AT&T, Bank of America, Home Depot, Target, and Progressive Insurance. It stated that advertisers in a broad range of sectors were using these techniques. However, it also indicated that there were some that applied it at a greater rate than others. “Top categories of advertisers using mobile advertising include retail, entertainment & media, technology, travel & tourism, and automotive advertisers.”

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