Mobile marketing and payments to merge through CheckAlt

Mobile Marketing Mobile Payments PartnershipThe partnership that the company has made with Mobivity has allowed the two services to be combined.

Mobivity Holdings Corp – a mobile marketing technology provider – has entered into a new partnership along with CheckAlt in order to create a new smartphone friendly check acceptance app for local businesses.

The hope is to create a single solution that will combine these two powerful areas of smartphone use.

The two companies will be combining their strengths and the technology that they are already using in order to provide local merchants with a solution that could potentially make transactions much easier and convenient for them to accept.

This new app would bring together mobile marketing and smartphone payment solutions into one service.

It would combine the current smartphone app by the mobile marketing company with the eCheck technology from CheckAlt so that smartphone payments solutions could also be provided within it.

According to Dennis Becker, the president and CEO of Mobivity, “While Mobivity continues to build marketing relationships between mobile consumers and local merchants, our vision is to evolve that mobile marketing conversation to a payment transaction.”

The technology for check processing from CheckAlt brings together the company’s eCheck processing platform with remote deposit capture in orde to be able to manage digital transactions. That company will be combining its capabilities with the mobile marketing platform at Mobivity so that new products such as SMS text messaging payments and apps with new transaction options will become possible through the marketing relationships that have already been formed, said the two companies in this new partnership.

CEO and president of CheckAlt, Shai Stern, explained that when a consumer makes a payment to a merchant, it is essentially a combination of some type of loyalty or marketing relationship. Therefore, his company believes that by working with Mobivity to reach thousands of local businesses, it will assist in mobile marketing to millions of consumers across the country and generating a massive network that could be among the largest in the industry. This is could be possible due to the considerable market penetration that Mobivity has already been able to accomplish.

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