Mobile games to help fight cancer in the UK

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Mobile games could help find a cure for cancer

Mobile games are often seen as nothing more than entertainment, but they could have a much loftier purpose when organizations like Cancer Research UK get involved with them. Cancer Research UK has teamed with Guerilla Tea, a developer of mobile games and software, in order to create its first game. The game is meant to serve as a research platform that may help unveil new ways to treat and even cure cancer.

Cancer Research UK and Guerilla Tea take aim at cancer

Throughout the world, mobile games have been gaining momentum among consumers as a primary source of entertainment. The low cost and high availability of these games have made them extremely popular among those with smartphones and tablets. For most consumers, these games are only meant to provide entertainment, but Cancer Research UK believes that they could have a far more practical purpose without actually sacrificing any entertainment value. As such, the organization and Guerilla Tea have begun working on creating a game that aligns with this concept and provide consumers with an entertaining, yet purposeful, experience.

Mobile Games - Cancer ResearchGamers to discover genetic triggers of cancer

The game being developed aims to task players with accurately locating new genetic triggers of cancer. Exactly how this will be done has not yet been disclosed, but tracking down these genetic triggers could help Cancer Research UK researchers form a better understanding on various types of cancer. This understanding would eventually lead to better treatments and, in some cases, cures for certain types of the infamous disease.

Mobile games may be valuable research tool

Mobile games have proven to be engaging platforms to which consumers have devoted countless hours to. Using mobile games to find new treatments and cures for cancer may be a lofty goal, but Cancer Research UK believes that it is possible. There is no telling when the organization’s game will be released, but it is likely to be made available by the end of this year, if not sooner.

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