Mobile game developers to receive funding assistance

Think Gaming is using science data to determine which mobile games it should fund.

The startup began its Scouting Reports service in February of this year and the purpose of this service is to help mobile game developers transform their freemium apps and games into highly successful products by making funds available to developers.

Funding gives developers independence and game ownership.

Scouting Reports is an app analyzer. It compares apps to information from other applications. It finds out what an app is doing right and will also point out areas that need improvement. Having this information is highly useful to those involved in mobile app development because it lets them know where they are succeeding and what they can do to make their product better.

More specifically, Scouting Reports compares mobile games to data from over 5,000 other titles in the mobile gaming industry. It measures key metrics connected with “predictable success”. This includes monetization, anticipated longevity, user retention and market size.

Think Gaming has recently announced that mobile game developers who have scored well on the firm’s Scouting Reports may be eligible to receive funds. The funds would be given in the form of a loan and are to be utilized for user acquisition expansion and company growth. Developers who take the funds will be able to maintain ownership of their games and their independence.

Mobile Game Developers - FundingThink Gaming Co-Founder Tim Ogilvie said, “We provide funding designed for a modern independent developer: the money games need to scale their user acquisition campaigns, without the one-size-fits-all nature of a publishing model that’s past its prime.”

Mobile game developers receive funding based on positive Scouting Reports scores.

In order to be eligible for funding, a developer must have their game processed via the Scouting Report service. The game must achieve a minimum report score of 700 for the developer to qualify and apply for the loan. The higher the score an applicant achieves, the more funds are available to them.

This funding method provided by Think Gaming means that mobile game developers can avoid venture capital firms and publishers that could want more in return for their financial assistance.

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