Mobile commerce to play major role in holiday shopping


Mobile Commerce SurveySurvey highlights importance of mobile commerce during holiday season

Sybase 365, a mobile services and mobile commerce solutions provider, and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) have released the results on a new survey concerning the role mobile devices will play in the U.S. holiday season. Mobile technology has become rampantly popular in the U.S., and many consumers have smart phones and tablets that allow them to participate in mobile commerce. Consumers have been showing a great deal of interest in using their mobile devices to shop, bank, and pay for goods over the past few years, and this may come to a head during the 2012 holiday season.

87% of consumers to use their mobile devices to research products

According to the survey, which focused on 1,000 adult consumers throughout the U.S., approximately 87% of all consumers will be using their mobile devices to make purchase decisions during the holiday season. Many consumers will be relying on their mobile device to find out information on products that they are interested in, with other using their devices to find deals and net themselves significant savings that may only be available online.

50% of consumers to purchase products through their mobile device

The survey also shows that 50% of consumers will be using their mobile devices to make purchases, while another 61% claimed they would be willing to participate in mobile commerce if improvements to security and infrastructure were made. Currently, using a smart phone to make purchases at a physical store is a practice limited to consumers with NFC-enabled devices. These devices are rare, as are the point of sale terminals that are capable of facilitating mobile payments. Security has also been an issue that has put off many consumers.

Mobile commerce could gain momentum through the holiday season

Despite consumer concerns, mobile commerce is growing in the U.S. The holiday season is expected to provide the burgeoning industry with significant momentum, especially as retailers get a better understanding of how mobile commerce can impact their business during the busiest and most important time of year for the retail industry as a whole.

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